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León Acclaims Viggo Mortensen at the Premiere of Alatriste

Source: El Norte de Castilla

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Alatriste: León Premiere 9.1.2006
Alatriste: León Premiere 9.1.2006.
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The New York actor thanked the institutions for the nice gestures towards him and seized the opportunity to defend the Emperor Theatre, whose building is in danger.

Captain Alatriste arrived at the Emperor Theatre of León praised by the crowd. Viggo Mortensen, accompanied by the director of Alatriste, Agustín Díaz Yanes and by his cast mate, the actress from Palencia Elena Anaya, attended the premiere held in León, although it wasn't easy for them to enter the building because of the thousands of people that thronged around the doors of the Emperor in order to be able to see their hero closely. There was so much hysteria that even the medical assistants were needed because some people fainted.

Viggo Mortensen made his appearance in a minivan decorated with the two flags that have accompanied him during the shooting of Alatriste: the flag of his lifelong football team, San Lorenzo de Almagro, and the one of his new adopted home, León.

"Better than in Madrid"

After greeting the crowds of fans that never stopped chanting his name, and while Elena Anaya and the director himself went unnoticed, Viggo Mortensen greeted his staunch supporters and received a bouquet of roses which he was grateful for.

Once they were inside, he addressed the audience who was attending to see the film, thanked them for their presence, "better than in Madrid," the actor pointed out while he named some of the cities that had held the premieres of his films.

Besides emphasizing the excellent work of "one of the best films of the Spanish cinema" he thanked the Leonese institutions for the nice gestures he's received from them in the last few days, although, "as any other son" he apologized in advance for any mistake he may make, and spoke in defence of the Emperor Theatre, whose demolition is imminent, and apologized again "to mom and dad", meaning the City Council and the County Council.

During his speech he also alluded to another character of the film, his handkerchief, an element that after having chosen it while talking with the person in charge of the wardrobe, he realized that it actually had the colours of the flag of León.

A laconic Elena Anaya wished the film to be a huge success and the audience to have a good time, same as Agustín Díaz Yanes, who was grateful for the affection showed by the city of León.

To the XVII century in a jump

The story started with the narration of Diego Alatriste's life, a soldier who was given the rank of captain and earned his living, with honour, as a member of the Tercios of King Felipe IV in Flanders, or hiring his sword to whoever paid him a few maravedís, enough that was necessary to get by.

A mixture of values like friendship, courage or that honour to subsist on, and also love, for your children or for your partner.

A painting of manners that between Velázquez's pictures and some pieces by Quevedo (Juan Echanove) allows us to glimpse a magisterial class about the history of some past centuries, with the glory of the Spanish Empire and also its decline.
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