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Deryck True was an avid amateur photographer in 1973 when he made the mistake of shooting his sister's wedding as a gift. As word spread, he began getting insistent requests from others who offered to actually PAY him to shoot. He's been a part-time wedding/party photographer ever since, and also does publicity head-shots for Hollywood actors, insurance photos, and other odd jobs. His interests include experimenting with antique photographic processes, which led him to restore a vintage 1890 5'x7' view camera and use it to make prints on hand-made photographic paper employing potassium dichromate emulsions.

Deryck lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 35 years: Peggy, who happens to be a major Viggoholic. She drags him to every local event possible in order to expand the world's library of Viggo photographs. Deryck takes pleasure in this and has gladly shared the results with others. He can be contacted by email at Deryck True.

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