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I'll Keep This Kiss Forever

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Jane Fonda, one-time sex kitten, anti-war protester, exercise fanatic and writer, is in Sydney to spruik her autobiography My Life So Far. Interviewed yesterday by Richard Aedy on Radio National's Life Matters, she spoke, inter alia, about the suicide of her mother and her lifelong awe of her father, Henry Fonda. The next guest in the studio was American actor Viggo Mortensen, who arrived to talk to Julie Rigg on The Movie Show about his newly released film A History of Violence. When told he was sitting in the same chair as Hanoi Jane, the Vanity Fair cover boy, who has been an acclaimed actor since his first role 20 years ago as an Amish boy in the Peter Weir film Witness, was starstruck. So much so that when Mortensen departed he took with him the plastic water glass Fonda had used - with her lipstick marks intact.
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