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Hollywood Actor Shares His Love For Animals

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Viggo Mortensen quietly lounges in his suite at a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel talking about his recent film and looking relieved to not answer yet another Lord of the Rings question. Most people know this reserved actor best from his work in the movies based on the JRR Tolkien trilogy, plus A Perfect Murder, A History of Violence, and Hidalgo. But many people don't realize this modern-day Renaissance man is also an accomplished poet, painter, photographer, and animal lover. He perks up when asked about his bond with four-legged companions.

"They ground you and calm you," he says. "They're just so admirable for their loyalty."

During the filming of Hidalgo, Mortensen felt such a bond with his main horse T.J. that he adopted him. He felt the same connection with his dog Brigit, a "sheep-herding, Collie-like" canine who recently died at age 15.

"She was great, very smart," he says, sadness dusting his voice. "A great friend."
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