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Viggo Mortensen: Goodbye to The Lord of the Rings

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We look forward to seeing him in A History of Violence by David Cronenberg. He is also in the film adaptation of Alatriste.

Viggo Mortensen has left behind the battles, the swordfights and the horses to take on the role of Tom Stall, a father and family man in A History of Violence by Canadian director David Cronenberg. But violence follows Viggo in this new role. His character in this movie has impulsive, imprecise reactions - a truly different character from those he has acted previously.

'I was hooked immediately upon reading the script. The movie reflects on unconscious motivations, on what we hide from others about ourselves, how circumstances can push an individual to lose control.'

In creating the character, Mortensen had great freedom in acting. Cronenberg's directing allowed Viggo's scenes to have natural, subtle elements. 'He's a fantastic director. He always said that we knew the characters better than him and he only asked for good scenes.'

Reflecting on his character, Viggo recognizes that a human being can explode, depending on circumstances. 'We all can think and commit acts of cruelty because of insecurity, fury, delirium, vengeance or envy,' said the actor.

Another film

Now he can be found filming Alatriste, directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes, and based on Arturo Pérez Reverte's books. 'During the filming, Arturo only visited the set a few times because he trusted us. He had the certainty that we would respect the story.'

Mortensen met Pérez Reverte days before filming started. He also gave him a book of photographs he took himself. On this little-known side of himself, he confesses that at the end of November there will be another book. 'It will include both black and white photographs, along with some writing and poems.'
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