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"I'm not going to do anything to distance myself from Aragorn"

Source: 20 Minutos

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The American actor has just finished filming A History of Violence, but the name Alatriste is echoing in his mind. With an Argentine accent, he talks about his last two movies.

You've made many action movies. Will it be hard for you to change styles?

I don't know. Those are the roles I've gotten and it doesn't bother or worry me. When I played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings a lot of people said that it would be difficult for people to see me as other characters. But I'm not going to do anything to try and distance myself from him.

What similarities are there between the directing styles of David Cronenberg and Agustín Díaz Yanes?

It doesn't tend to normally happen, but both directors take advantage of what an actor can give. If those things are lost, they don't reach the audience. That's to say, the director is responsible for the final result of a movie. Many times actors are blamed for bad quality movies, but in a lot of cases it's because of the director who wasn't intelligent enough to value the subtleties of a character.

Is it very different to work on an American production than on a Spanish one?

All film sets are different. It doesn't matter whether it's a high or low budget movie. For me, the work is the same, to invent a life, a story.

There's a lot of expectations with Alatriste. What will it be like?

I've seen some things and it's very good. I think that Spaniards will feel proud. It will be an important movie and might be successful outside of Spain.

While filming did you have more contact with Antonio Resines, Eduardo Noriega or Blanca Portillo?

I had the luck to be with almost all of them. If it wasn't for Alatriste, I would have to have made a dozen movies to meet each of them.

It's rumoured that you are looking at buying a house in Spain. Is that true?

I wish! I'd buy one in León.

So there's no house?

No, but not because I don't want to. I really like the city and people of León. Their way of being and somewhat dry sense of humour helped me to construct the character of Alatriste.

With so much work, have you been able to pursue two of your greatest passions, painting and writing?

I've been able to write a little, because to paint I need all the time in the world.
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