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Journey's End

Source: Science Fiction Weekly #348

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The stars of The Lord of the Rings trilogy reach their journey's end - Viggo Mortensen.

Can you talk about the very last scene you shot?

The very last thing where I wore my with many scenes, I was running. It was a scene that will probably be in the extended version, extension of the Paths of the Dead, where I'm speaking to the ghosts, and then all hell breaks loose. In the movie as you see it, there's a cut, and then you don't know what happens. And then you see that we succeeded in getting the army to come with us. But there's a bunch of other things that happen. In one of these sequences, I don't want to give it away for when you see it, but there's a big commotion, and Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn are running for their lives. ...In reality we were on this raised platform that was about this wide [indicates only a few feet] and we were sprinting and pretending to jump over all these obstacles, and then there was just the green screen everywhere. And when you see that scene, there will be all these hordes of armies of the dead and other things that I'm not going to tell you about that we're evading and dealing with.

And what did you get? I know they did a big ceremony every time somebody finished.

I was given the ranger sword, not the re-forged sword, but the one that I used on my first day of shooting in October of "99 that was really well worn and that I kind of took care of and used throughout. But the best thing I got was what we were talking about before, is this friendship with these people...the memory of being in New Zealand and retelling the story with Peter. That's the thing I have that I'll remember most. I mean, if somebody steals the sword or it gets lost, you know what I mean? It's just a thing.

I think that what everyone did on this job, starting with Peter, but also the people that he selected, was that it was such a long run, that even if you started out just out of nerves or just because there was that tendency to just look after yourself, you ended up taking care of others around you. And everybody did the same thing in whatever way they could. Because that was not only the best way, but the only way to get through it. You could never really see the light at the end of the tunnel until the very end, there was so much to do. ...It's been all-consuming, unfortunately...[but] it was very much a team effort, and I think Pete counted on people taking care of themselves and taking care of each other when he was there and when he wasn't there, because it was too big a job for one person. You know when Aragorn says at the coronation, 'This day is not for one man, but for all'? The experience was that way. It was the only way it could be done.
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