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'First Man' & 'Green Book' Offer New Perspectives On 1960s America - The Contenders L.A.

Source: Deadline

At today's The Contenders L.A. event, Universal Pictures took the audience rocketing back to the 1960s by presenting panels on two very different historical films: First Man and Green Book.

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While director Peter Farrelly's Green Book explores the racism of the period, stars Ali and Mortensen both said on the panel moderated by Deadline's Pete Hammond that they enjoyed playing the humor of the relationship between their characters. Since so much of the action takes place on the road, with Mortensen's character in the front seat and Ali's in the back, both could tap into the comedy of facial reactions the other character could not see.

When they finally had scenes together and Mortensen could see the well-educated Ali character's appalled reactions to his unsophisticated one, "I had a hard time not laughing out loud."

At the end of the conversation, Farrelly — who is known for his broad comedies — deadpanned that Green Book represents a departure to say the least. And he's reveling in a new kind of acclaim.

"Believe it or not, Dumb and Dumber didn't get to Cannes," he said, to laughter. "The best thing [it got was] Hustler magazine gave us a full erection," Farrelly added, referring to the magazine's unique standard for rating movies.
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