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A Coffee with Viggo Mortensen

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A few hours after San Lorenzo´s defeat against Real Madrid, all the conversations of the Argentine groups in the airport revolved around the match. In the cafeteria, one of them asked us our opinion about the final, Viggo Mortensen, New York actor and Cuervo at heart, appears behind us. We continue the soccer conversation and Viggo gets into the debate: "Did you read some of the columns from Spain? They say that we came here to distribute kicks and to stay in our own half. That´s not how it was!" He kept on talking about the match like any other supporter: "It was a pity. It was under control until Ramos´goal. You can´t hold anything against Bauza. Maybe [not] having brought Romagnoli in earlier, but that kind of thing happens in a game." Javi Gandul, the special assignment photographer from AS, lights up with the talk. "Viggo, you like [Real] Madrid, right?" The actor answers with a grin: "It´s better to lose against [Real] Madrid than to do it with Barça." It´s 12:15 and we have to get on board. He says goodbye: "Congratulations, Real Madrid supporters."
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