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My Heart is Spanish: Viggo Mortensen

Source: El Golfo

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Toronto, Canada - Born in New York, raised in Buenos Aires and resident in Copenhagen and London in his childhood years, Viggo Mortensen now has a heart "more Spanish than ever."

After five and a half years in a formal relationship with Spanish actress Ariadna Gil, the actor from The Lord of the Rings saga now feels like one more citizen of Madrid.

"Life and my partner took me to Spain. I feel happy living there, because she's the woman I love. I am totally hers and I'm delighted.

"If I spoke good Argentine Spanish before, now I know Spain´s Spanish inside out, even if it sounds weird. My heart is Spanish and I'm experiencing a very pleasurable stage of my life, with much joy," said Mortensen in the interview.

He met Gil when they were shooting Alatriste (2005) and later they repeated their collaboration in Appaloosa (2007.)

After her separation from Spanish director Fernando Trueba (sic), and a decade as a single man on Mortensen´s part, both fell in love, so much so that the star of films like Hidalgo and Eastern Promises took up residence in the Spanish capital.

"I feel fulfilled and I´m living to the fullest. I´m serious, I already feel Spanish, although I will never abandon my roots, or my maté or my Danish pastry, or my New Yorker hustle and bustle. New York will never leave my life."

When they are apart because of work, Viggo, 55, and Ariadna, 45, stay as close as possible through cell or phone calls, on which he said he spends a lot of money.

The actor from A Dangerous Method is at the Toronto International Film Festival to present his two new films, Jauja and Far from Men.

The first was directed by the Argentine, Lisandro Alonso. It is in Spanish and Danish and won the critics prize at the recent edition of Cannes, while the second is in French and Arabic and directed by the Frenchman, David Oelhoffen.

He also takes the opportunity to have fun.

Viggo Mortensen will be in Toronto for a one week visit in order to present his films and talk with film students on different panels.
During his stay, he's taken the opportunity to have a good time with his friends Paul Bettany, Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, Tina Fey and Tobey Maguire.
As is his usual custom, he travels with his Argentine maté and the only thing he asks for is hot water to prepare it, even in the restaurants where he eats.
Of the films that participated in the film gathering, he said he had the chance to see the Argentine Relatos Salvajes [Wild Tales] and the British film, The Imitation Game, both of which he liked.
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