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Viggo Mortensen sang, wept and suffered through the final for the Copa Libertadores in the midst of filming

Source: La Nacion

The actor from The Lord of the Rings lived through the whole thing from the United States; he communicated by phone with his friend Fabián Casas, who was at the stadium and was telling him what was happening.

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"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film Festival 05.18.14
"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film ….
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New Mexico. Viggo Mortensen is shooting his next film, Captain Fantastic. But his heart is not completely into his new character. Aragorn has a part that leaves him and is transported by ear to his writer friend Fabián Casas. San Lorenzo is winning 1-0 when they weren´t playing well, worse than their rival. Anyway, who cares. They are so close to being champions, so close. The two of them were almost demanding it at the Cannes Festival when they were presenting the film Jauja, starring Viggo with a script by Fabián. "We Want the Cup," read the banner held firmly by both. Except for the Argentines who were there, and some other world soccer sicko, how many have understood the emotional weight carried by that flag unfolded on the red carpet at Cannes?

Three months later, it seems that message was heard loud and clear on this side of the hemisphere. 1-0 and so close to seventh heaven, to shouting "Champion of the Americas" for the first time in 106 years. And shutting some people´s mouths. There is Casas, a bundle of nerves in the stands and with his cell phone that doesn´t stop ringing. Only [a call from] a fanatic Cuervo can be answered at that moment. Only someone who is also a bundle of nerves, but who is thousands of kilometres away. And in that way Casas goes on telling Mortensen what is happening on the pitch. And the two of them sing like crazy. Until the match ends. And the same tears that are rolling down the cheeks of everybody in the Nuevo Gasómetro, go rolling down Viggo´s face. Just like in Boedo, but in the New Mexico desert.
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