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Cuervo, how was the Copa Argentina match? Did you go with your dad? I couldn´t watch it, but I liked reading that Cauteruccio came back healed and scored a goal. We are shooting in an area very deep in the forests of the U.S. Northwest, and I only have access to the internet from time to time. But the colors come with me everywhere, and I with them. Now the most serious thing is coming, the [Copa] Libertadores semi-final. HOLD ON CICLÓN.

Holding on in Seattle
Holding on in Seattle.
© Viggo Mortensen.

And it seems, dear Viggo, that what we wrote on our poster that afternoon in Cannes is coming to fruition.

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Yesterday was a great day: a lot of sun and very cold, but with things in such a mineral state that it made it a nice day to be alive and at night, to watch soccer in the new Gasómetro. César Francis, a Cuervo friend, invited me to the stadium and gave me one of the greatest joys of these last few years: CASLA played almost flawlessly, demolished the Bolivian team - did not let them think, did not let them get organized - and Pipi Romagnoli played an historic first half. 5 to 0. We couldn't believe it. But this CASLA has already shown maturity and courage; they eliminated three Brazilian teams and now in the semi-final, they played like clockwork and with a lot of power.

With César last night
With César last night.
© Fabián Casas.
It was beautiful to see Pitu Barrientos playing again and well, and knowing that the team also has replacements. I´m absolutely hoarse from shouting out "GOOOAL!" I couldn´t see the final moment of this World Cup that was stopping our march towards the most coveted trophy for the Cuervos. I don´t even want to think what will happen when we are about to play the final. Today life is smiling on me. I feel the joy of living, which is my God, as Silvio Astier said at the end of Juguete Rabioso [tr. note: a novel]. And all because of the CASLA colors that usually give me goosebumps. Did you see the match? I hope you did. Next Wednesday we are going to high altitudes, although this team is already at the height of a champion.

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An extraordinary demonstration of will, precision and collective effort, brother! Playing like that we could beat the German National Team any day of the week. Pipi, Pichi and others shone individually, but really all the San Lorenzo players contributed to the spectacular victory against the Azkargorta team [tr. note: coach of Club Bolívar]. "In union, there is strength," as the great liberator Simon Bolivar said.

Unstoppable Pichi
Unstoppable Pichi.
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It was a wonder to see San Lorenzo play like that in their stadium, a match to remember. Now we're going to the mountains to play the second leg on a surface that seems to not be in good condition. We are very close to the longed-for final and the team will travel to La Paz with an important advantage, but the team will have to have balls. The boys will have to put up with the altitude and, for sure, the onslaught of a hurt team and its proud supporters.


We are in the final. I went to the terrace to cry with emotion so my family wouldn't see me up there, alone among the distant buildings and the light cables, with the overcast sky and the red lights blinking on and off registering the height of buildings. I felt joined to all my Cuervo friends there. Afterward, I came down and Guada told me, "Ana has a fever; will you take care of her?" Now she's better. I feel absolutely happy. It's night and cold, but I am on fire with a heart more Cuervo than ever. All of the friends from Boedo that aren't here - and those who are with me - came to mind, always waiting for this moment since the Sixties. Today I sensed the smell of my old man's body in the stadium, next to me. I believe that we are going to be champions. I feel it with all of my soul. Life is a fiction, championships are a fiction, but San Lorenzo is real. I hope we see each other soon.


I could see almost the entire match on my laptop during the crew's dinner break. The first twenty minutes I had to watch them while running here and there between takes. The poor actress who was in the scene with me must have thought I had gone completely crazy, or that I had the need to pee all the time, because the laptop was plugged in in the bathroom area of the camping site where we were shooting. I had the Pipi t-shirt hanging from the perch of the microphone of the sound engineer, so I could see the colors at all times.

© Viggo Mortensen.
I can´t go with you to see the final, because I can´t get away from the shoot. Incredible, after waiting for so long and I won´t be able to be with you and all the Cuervos who are going to cheer non-stop. That´s life. But I will be there with all my soul.

San Lorenzo Finalists
San Lorenzo Finalists.
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