Captain Fantastic (2016)

Genre: Comedy Drama

Directed by: Matt Ross
Screenplay by: Matt Ross

Viggo Mortensen ... Ben Cash
Trin Miller ... Leslie Cash
George MacKay ... Bodevan
Annalise Basso ... Vespyr
Samantha Isler ... Kielyr
Nicholas Hamilton ... Rellian
Shree Crooks ... Zaja
Charlie Shotwell ... Nai
Frank Langella ...
Ann Dowd ...
Steve Zahn ...
Kathryn Hahn ...
Missi Pyle ...
Erin Moriarty ...
Mike Miller ... Priest
Louis Hobson ... Doctor

Production: Electric City Entertainment and ShivHans Pictures
Language: English
Locations: Washington state, New Mexico

Release Dates: Sundance International Film Festival - premiere - 23 January 2016

Official Website:

Synopsis: A father (Viggo Mortensen), devoted to teaching his six children how to live and survive in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, is forced to leave his self-created paradise. When confronted with the real world, he begins a journey that challenges his ideas of freedom and what it means to raise a family.
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