Art Exhibit 2013

Preview - 2013 Art Exhibit


Viggo-Works is honored to host our first Art Exhibit. We are also delighted to welcome the 46 talented artists to this exhibit - each artist showing three of their individual works. When we sent out our call for artists, we had no idea that we would receive such a large and wonderful - and diverse - response. We feel privileged to display such an array of artistic talent.

Each artist is highlighted here in this section with a glimpse of their work to tempt everyone to explore further. Each artist's preview contains a link to their Viggo-Works gallery where you can view all three of their pieces and info about the artist. Some artists sent us links to their websites and ways to contact them. Other artists chose to just present their work.

If you are not into previews, you may go directly to the Artists' Exhibit Galleries.

If you have questions or comments about the exhibit, please join us here on our forums, where we are discussing the exhibit. You will need to register to post your thoughts and questions.

It is our genuine hope that you will enjoy the exhibit as much as we did while putting it together. Our heartiest congratulations to all of our participating artists!

Print View

Shivta Wenkart Art

Pressed Flowers #2
Pressed Flowers #2
Image Shivta Wenkart .
© Shivta Wenkart. Used by permission.

Margarita Suárez Pérez Art

Guatemala Spring
Guatemala Spring
Image Margarita Suárez Pérez.
© Margarita Suárez Pérez. Used by permission.

Raymundo Gardea Fine Art

The Blue Angel
The Blue Angel
Image Raymundo Gardea.
© Raymundo Gardea. Used by permission.
Raymundo Gardea uses oil on canvas and at times mixed media. He is from Long Beach California and can be contacted at 562-494-4421. The names of the pieces sent are: The Modern Virgin (mixed media), The Blue Angel (oil on canvas), and The Five Vanities (oil on canvas). You can also view some additional artwork on the internet by googling Raymundo Gardea Artist

Raymundo Gardea Fine Art Gallery

Fran Manson Art

Flanders Fields
Flanders Fields
Image Fran Manson.
© Fran Manson. Used by permission.

Raised in South Western Ontario, Fran Manson moved to Cape Breton for 11 years before returning to Waterloo Ontario to work at Wilfrid Laurier University. While working in Waterloo, she began to sketch and then paint the unique upper Grand River countryside and the fertile farms and communities that surround Waterloo.

Fran Manson Art Gallery

Denise Monaghan Art

Chief in Captivity
Chief in Captivity
Image Denise Monaghan.
© Denise Monaghan. Used by permission.

With so much information in the world, so many ideas, how does one begin to find a voice, an image, an artistic style? How does the natural world coexist with the world of art? What fuels the need to create? Painting is a primitive and subversive act in a technological world. Animals are perfect icons of a distant world, and like painting, they are silent messengers. ~ Denise Monaghan

Denise Monaghan Art Gallery

Ali Gracie Art

Church in Afternoon Light
Church in Afternoon Light
Image Ali Gracie.
© Ali Gracie. Used by permission.

Ali Gracie - Multimedia Artist

I am currently creating photography, digital imagery, short films, drawings and watercolours.
Subjects explored are landscape, light, Chiaroscuro, films, and history.
I am currently creating landscape art, portraits and also creating artworks influenced by the Chiaroscuro technique.

Ali Gracie Art Gallery

Aurora M Art

Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin
Image Aurora M.
© Aurora M. Used by permission.

As kusudamas were named by their creators (designers), all origami lovers know them by those names. So I do not dare to rename them.

Aurora M Art Gallery

Steve Mitchell Painting

Study in Black White & Red
Study in Black White & Red
Image Steven Mitchell.
© Steven Mitchell Painting. Used by permission.


Stadtsakademie voor Toegepaste und Kunsten (State Academy of Arts & Crafts),Maastricht, The Netherlands

Ringling School of Art; Sarasota, FL

Steve Mitchell Painting Gallery

Irena Sidlauskiene Art

Image Irena Sidlauskiene.
© Irena Sidlauskiene. Used by permission.

My name is Irena Sidlauskiene. I am a woman from Lithuania, Kaunas.

Irena Sidlauskiene Art Gallery

Sarah Jeanne Parker Art

The Handmaidens
The Handmaidens
Image Sarah Jeanne Parker.
© Sarah Jeanne Parker. Used by permission.

Sarah Jeanne grew up in Florida and currently lives in France, after a year spent in England. She began working as an illustrator in her senior year of high school, and published her first short story at seventeen.

Her work has been shaped by travel around North America and Europe and the mixing cultures, politics, and religion encountered throughout.

Sarah has published short stories in Eclectica Magazine and Josceline Fenton's art book, Kikimora.

Her illustrations have been featured on, in children's workbooks by Mostapha Kamal, a set of commissioned wedding table cards, and in an ungodly number of her friends' D&D character sheets.

Sarah Jeanne Parker Art Gallery

Lisa Shepperd Art

Lizard Jar
Lizard Jar
Image Lisa Shepperd.
© Lisa Shepperd. Used by permission.

Lizard Jar, carved with colored slip and glaze decoration, soda-fired to cone 10, about 16" tall.

Lisa Shepperd Art Gallery

Janet Paplauskas Sullins/The Queen of Arts

Birds Eye View
Birds Eye View
Image Janet Paplauskas Sullins.
© Janet Paplauskas Sullins. Used by permission.

The first one is of Birds Eye View. On one side, The bird is Ian Coristine's Cessna flying over Calumet Isle in the St Lawrence River.

Janet Paplauskas Sullins/The Queen of Arts Gallery

Eriko Yokoyama Art

A Fan
A Fan
Image Eriko Yokoyama.
© Eriko Yokoyama. Used by permission.

All three pieces are watercolor art.

My website is

Eriko Yokoyama Art Gallery

Carlos Callejo Art

Tirilones Calacas: Coin Zoot
Tirilones Calacas: Coin Zoot
Image Carlos Callejo.
© Carlos Callejo. Used by permission.

My info:---carlos callejo 323-915-7929

Art medium:---pastels

Carlos Callejo Art Gallery

Erica Snowlake Art

Image Erica Snowlake.
© Erica Snowlake. Used by permission.

All works acrylic on canvas, 8 1/2 by 11.

Artist : Erica Snowlake

Erica Snowlake Art Gallery

Patrick Call Art

Subconscious Beach
Subconscious Beach
Image Patrick Call.
© Patrick Call. Used by permission.

My name is Patrick Call, and I have submitted my three art images for the exhibit.

My website is:

Patrick Call Art Gallery

Annette Akkerman Art

Image Annette Akkerman.
© Annette Akkerman. Used by permission.

I have a website in progress, so not many works on it, but it is better then none at all:

Entry 2: Holi, acrylic on canvas, 40x50 cm.

Annette Akkerman Art Gallery

Franni Weber Art

The Eagles are Coming
The Eagles are Coming
Image Franni Weber.
© Franni Weber. Used by permission.

3. The Eagles are Coming

Done with a process called rouging.

Cleaned of seams and then kiln fired cone 5.

Brush painted and water base stain ceramic matte spray oil base stain. After detailing, process is done with flannel material. Dipped in various color shades oil base and rubbed on each section. This took about 35 hours to get color right.
Sprayed between coats.
White and yellow stains for head and tail.

Number 3. I worked myself with the pouring and removing from molds as it had to be the right thickness for cleaning. It took approximately 35-40 hours for the eagle, but was worth it when I entered in State Fair it took a Sweepstakes ribbon. I deliberately kept the tail feathers and head more subdued than would be normal.

Franni Weber Art Gallery

Agi Dulanyi Art

Image Agi Dulanyi.
© Agi Dulanyi. Used by permission.

My name is Agi Dulanyi,you can find me on facebook Agi Art's is my page. The second picture is a pencil drawing 38x30 - Friends.

Agi Dulanyi Art Gallery

Sande McCarty/Sande McCarty Fine Art

Autumn at the Marsh
Autumn at the Marsh
Image Sande McCarty.
© Sande McCarty Fine Art. Used by permission.

My name is Sande McCarty, and I am an artist, wife and mother, (not necessarily in any given order). These are all acrylic paintings. My website address is and my Facebook page is

Sande McCarty/Sande McCarty Fine Art Gallery

Maria Ines Hernandez Art

The Tie
The Tie
Image Maria Ines Hernandez.
© Maria Ines Hernandez. Used by permission.

My works are done in pastel crayons. I am just now beggining to show my artistic face. Only a few people know I paint and draw.

Maria Ines Hernandez Art Gallery

Alva Kristín Kristínardóttir Art

A New Day
A New Day
Image Alva Kristín Kristínardóttir.
© Alva Kristín Kristínardóttir. Used by permission.

Jana Skarecky Art

Matterhorn 1
Matterhorn 1
Image Jana Skarecky.
© Jana Skarecky. Used by permission.

Jana Skarecky is a Canadian contemporary classical composer and visual artist. She writes vocal and instrumental music – for solo voice, choir, solo instruments, chamber groups, and orchestra. She paints primarily with acrylics

All three pieces here are done in acrylics.


Jana Skarecky Art Gallery

Sharon Kay Cloud Art

Image Sharon Kay Cloud.
© Sharon Kay Cloud. Used by permission.

The image is called 'Sealife' a colored pencil drawing 14x17 that I drew for my cousin.

Here is a link to my art page.

This is my twitter-

Sharon Kay Cloud Art Gallery

Karen Matthews Art

Honey Tigers Eye Rondelle Necklace
Honey Tigers Eye Rondelle Necklace
Image Karen Matthews.
© Karen Matthews Bead Art. Used by permission.

All of Karen Matthews' bead art may be found at

1. Aquamarine, Citrine, Honey Tigers Eye Rondelle Necklace

17 inches in length 3/4 inch width 14k gf chain, 14k gf headpins flat, aquamarine chips, citrine chips, shell beads small, honey tigers eye rondelle, 14k g claw clasp

Karen Matthews Art Gallery

Colette Hera Zollikofer Guggenheim Art

Dream House
Dream House
Image Colette Hera Zollikofer Guggenheim.
© Colette Hera Zollikofer Guggenheim. Used by permission.

Since childhood I have loved taking photos. Through my childhood I lived in the south of Spain, the south of France, Switzerland and Denmark, and this is where my Photography interest comes from, from a very young age. My Cameras, during my many years as a Freelance Photographer, have become my best friends.

I speak Danish, English, French, German and Spanish, and during my adult life I have lived in Spain and Switzerland, when not in Denmark. I love to capture nature photos on my travels.

Up until the end of 2002 I have had several Photo Exhibitions around Denmark.

In September 2009 I opened up my Store at Zazzle, where I design and create many different products with my photos on them for purchase. You will also see some of my Waterpaints over at where you will also find some of my photos in a larger sized format.

Colette Hera Zollikofer Guggenheim Art Gallery

Audrey Hemuss Art

Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Image Audrey Hemuss.
© Audrey Hemuss. Used by permission.

1. Blue Moon .... Watercolour with ethyl alcohol

Audrey Hemuss Art Gallery

Kailee Cebula Sculpture

Image Kailee Cebula.
© Kailee Cebula. Used by permission.

The piece is made of clay and I call her "Waiting ".

Kailee Cebula Sculpture Gallery

Sherre Wichmann Art

Image Sherre Wichmann.
© Sherre Wichmann. Used by permission.

Rubin Art

Image Rubin.
© Rubin. Used by permission.

Nikki Hilton Art

In the Park
In the Park
Image Nikki Hilton.
© Nikki Hilton. Used by permission.

Raven Williams/Art by Raven

Spooky Woods
Spooky Woods
Image Raven Williams.
© Art by Raven. Used by permission.

My mother used to paint. It was a hobby for her. Painting was never something I had considered doing. Lately I have been led to pull out the art supplies I inherited from my mother. While realism is far from my skill set, abstract is right up my alley considering most of my thoughts tend to be abstract. I think that's why I like fractal designs so much. They are very abstract and two people can look at the same image and see something different. I look forward to sharing my paintings and digital art with you.

I am excited to see where this part of my journey takes me and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

My website is:

Raven Williams/Art by Raven Gallery

Diane White/Mockingbird Lane Wire Art

Rose Window Gemstone Pendant
Rose Window Gemstone Pendant
Image Diane White.
© Mockingbird Lane Wire Art. Used by permission.

I use Copper, Sterling Silver, Argentium, Fine Silver, and 14kt gold filled wire. To add to the richness of my pieces and to provide bold splashes of color, I also use various precious gems, and gemstone quality stones like Chalcedony, lots of varieties from the agate family, and the prettier quartz family stones, plus top quality crystal. I occasionally toss in some fiber elements as I work collaboratively with my best friend Sylvia Hoffmann who does terrific felting work. And last but not least, whenever possible I reuse, recycle, and up-cycle found objects, vintage jewelry elements, and odd bits here and there.

I also add in unusual clasps I've re-purposed from standard body piercing jewelry components.

My name is Diana White
My Website is

Diane White/Mockingbird Lane Wire Art Gallery

Laura Tarnoff Art

Epic Journey
Epic Journey
Image Laura Tarnoff.
© Laura Tarnoff Art. Used by permission.
When I work I have a few different approaches. Sometimes I begin painting with an emotion or experience in mind. Generally, I do not have a sketch or idea mapped out ahead of time, rather, I create the composition spontaneously while thinking and revisiting thoughts and emotions from a particular event or time On the contrary, if it is not a particular event or emotion from the past, often times, I will try to tap into where I may be at the moment, and examine my present emotions and feelings and spontaneously express that. It is through this approach that art making helps me to become aware of my present emotional state. I believe this not only assists me in being more aware of where I am, it also makes me less reactive and more able to develop and learn from my present experiences, (because I am paying attention to them). So, it is in this way that I find art making to be somewhat of a tool for personal development, growth and awareness. However, sometimes I will, but not often, have a significant and particular experience that I want to express. (Like I was saying at the beginning.) When it is that powerful, then, at times, I will sketch and plan ahead. (Yet, most often this is not how I approach my paintings.) If I do approach my paintings with idea sketches ahead of time, I also work out the composition in these sketches the same way as when I instinctively paint, by taking myself back to the event, and re-visiting the emotions I was feeling, and then expressing that feeling in my idea sketches. (Which is the same process I use when I paint more spontaneously). So, my method, is probably what I would describe as intuitive. I also have noticed that when I am working, it is quite a balancing act ...


Laura Tarnoff Art Gallery

Laila Aaris/Aaris Art

Arab Stalion
Arab Stalion
Image Laila Aaris.
© Aaris Art. Used by permission.

Debbie Wallerstein Art

The Fellowship of the Ring
The Fellowship of the Ring
Image Debbie Wallerstein.
© Debbie Wallerstein. Used by permission.

This is a needlepoint that I designed and stitched in 2004. It depicts the ring of power encircled by the names of all nine of the Fellowship. It is stitched entirely in metallic threads on 18-mesh forest green canvas. I copied the design onto a red canvas for a friend and she stitched one for herself.

Debbie Wallerstein Art Gallery

M.K. (Kim) Ingwaldson Art

Pick Me Pick Me
Pick Me Pick Me
Image M.K. (Kim) Ingwaldson.
© Ingwaldson Art. Used by permission.

The first watercolor (of the miner's pick's and handles) is called: Pick Me, Pick Me

My webpage is

M.K. (Kim) Ingwaldson Art Gallery

Marcela A Toro Garland Art

Image Marcela Andrea Toro Garland .
© Marcela A Toro Garland . Used by permission.

I live in small Village in British Columbia, Canada; where I am based. I was born in South America though, and I am of Indigenous Peruvian Inca descent and European blood. Loved 'Hidalgo' of course, the mix-ancestry 'thing' speaks deep to our hearts.

* Title: "Elvira" Acrylic and Italian Gouache on paper.

Marcela A Toro Garland Art Gallery

Katja Rocker/Rock the Pearl Art

Image Katja Rocker.
© Rock the Pearls. Used by permission.

I love to read as long as I can remember, especially fantasy and sf and since a couple of years I love to make my own jewelry. So I decided a few time ago to combine these two loves. I´m selling my jewelry on (for Germany only) but I can also be contacted via my website or via facebook I´m sorry, these sites are all in german, but I hope there are members of your team who can translate it if neccessary.

Katja Rocker/Rock the Pearl Art Gallery

Jacqueline Baker Art

Gymnastic Dancer
Gymnastic Dancer
Image Jacqueline Baker.
© Jacqueline Baker. Used by permission.

I would like to enter these three watercolor pieces in your art exhibit.

Jacqueline Baker Art Gallery

Janice MacLellan Art

Panda Snack
Panda Snack
Image Janice MacLellan.
© Janice MacLellan. Used by permission.

I am on Twitter @msmanet and my website on fineartamerica is .

Pieces are mixed medium and acrylic.

Janice MacLellan Art Gallery

Linda van der Koijk /Kiefers Creative Corner

Poetry Reading L.A.
Poetry Reading L.A.
Image Linda van der Koijk.
© Linda van der Koijk. Used by permission.

Ever since I was a child I loved drawing, but I never had thought about this as Art. In 2004 I started to try and draw portraits and ever since I feel the creativity running through my veins. Beside drawing portraits I have also started painting and over the years I have developed a huge love for photography. Most of my work is inspired by Nature.

I hope you like what you find in my galleries, you can also visit my website at:

Kiefers Creative Corner

Linda van der Koijk /Kiefers Creative Corner Gallery

Ellen Miffitt/Nine Lives Studio Art

Japanese Maple Mandala
Japanese Maple Mandala
Image Ellen Miffitt.
© Nine Lives Studio. Used by permission.
Growing up in rural Connecticut kept me close to the earth and nature. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, I started painting sumi-e in 2001 and registered "Nine Lives Studio" in Oct of 2002.

Sumi-e: The simple forms traditionally created with black ink on white paper fascinate me. In order to achieve the Zen simplicity, I have to fully connect with the subject to understand its true nature.

Collage and Mixed Media: Zen concepts, found objects, handmade and hand stained paper are the cornerstones and catalysts for each of my collages. In a mixed media mode, I am very selective about not adding too many extraneous collage elements to a piece.

My experience teaching art is an important part of my own artistic growth; the synergy and exchange of ideas is a catalyst for my creative process. I teach art classes for children to adults in local venues in the South Puget Sound area.

Please visit my website

My Etsy Shop & Zazzle Store
Follow my blog Nine Lives Studio

Ellen Miffitt/Nine Lives Studio Art Gallery

Teresa Newman/Marbretherese Art

Gondoliers in Winter
Gondoliers in Winter
Image Teresa Newman.
© Teresa Newman. Used by permission.

Original watercolours and giclée prints.
I grew up drawing on any surface I could find, illustrating my own short stories and dabbling in oils, until as a teenager I gave up art in pursuit of a "proper job". Many, many years later my interest in photography was kindled by the beautiful scenery of the Iveragh Pensinsula in Co Kerry, Ireland, and from there I took up painting again, this time in watercolour. I began by interpreting scenes from the work of my favourite author JRR Tolkien, and I still regularly paint from the imagination in this way. I'm a great believer in "going with the flow" - appropriate for watercolour!

I hope you will enjoy browsing the artwork and photos at my website. Many of the paintings are available as giclée prints, and photos can also be purchased. If you would like to know some background to my creative (ad)ventures, please visit my blog!.

Teresa Newman/Marbretherese Art Gallery

Kathleen Plasko/LOT80 Studio Art

Image Kathleen Plasko.
© Kathleen Plasko. Used by permission.

My website:

I discovered my love for creation at a very young age, which during my grade school years landed me in hot water with my teachers on occasion. For part of my time in college I studied media arts & graphic design. In 2005, I founded LOT80 Studio with the intent on turning it into a freelance graphic & web design business. However, in 2006 my husband and I started another business venture (on top of our regular daytime jobs); freelancing took a back seat. However, running our business was an opportunity for me to utilize my creativity: I managed the advertising art, package design and website. Fast forward to 2013, we decided to close shop to regain our free time and get back into creativity not related to business. I revived LOT80 Studio as a creative venture. My inspiration comes from many sources: CD album art, magazine ads, movie scenes, package design and just about anything else that catches my eye.

Kathleen Plasko/LOT80 Studio Art Gallery

Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve/Lasgalen Art

Where Ideas
Where Ideas
Image Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve.
© Lasgalen Arts. Used by permission.
Although I am primarily a photographer I also am an artist and currently use printmaking as an outlet. Watercolors was my medium for a long time until this past year I tried acrylics and fell in love with it.

Printmaking allows me to hone my drawing skills and play with a carving skills giving me a more "hands on" satisfaction not received when painting or using a camera.

If you wish to read my adventures in art, please feel free to visit my blog Lasgalen Arts - Blog.

I currently have several venues to view and purchase my work.

Lasgalen Arts Artists Website
Lasgalen Arts Zazzle Store
Lasgalen Arts Facebook
Lasgalen Arts Pinterest

If you wish to contact me please do so by dropping me an e-mail at

Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve/Lasgalen Art Gallery

Sue Wookey/Galley Hill Art

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life
Image Sue Wookey.
© Sue Wookey/Galley Hill Art.

I've painted my whole life for fun but in 2008 I took the plunge and became full-time artist, producing work inspired by a love of nature, the mysterious prehistory of Britain and the magic of myths, dreams and symbols. I work mainly in watercolour and gouache, a medium I find exciting because it always creates interesting surprises. I also draw inspiration from Celtic design, the jewelled quality of Indian and Persian miniatures and harmonious shapes and patterns.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing my paintings and that you will draw your own inspiration and meaning from them. All the work shown here is available as limited edition fine art prints from my website at

Galley Hill Art

You can follow all the ups and downs that come with being working artist and keep up with the latest news on my Community Shop Thread and on my Galley Hill Art Blog. More of my work can also be seen in my Viggo-Works Gallery

Sue Wookey/Galley Hill Art Gallery

Phyllis Berka/Rabbit Ridge Art

The Vinyards of Dorwinion
The Vinyards of Dorwinion
Image Phyllis Berka.
© Rabbit Ridge Art. Used by permission.

I began with the watercolor medium and you can see the results in both the Songs of Middle-earth Gallery and in the Best Places in Middle-earth Gallery. This year, however, I have made the move from the watercolor medium of previous years to markers and ink, and I am having a blast with them. This new medium is what I will be concentrating on for some time to come. I began with a new series of vivid floral designs. You can see these pieces in the Floral Gallery.

I hope you like what you find in my galleries.

Rabbit Ridge Art Gallery

My art is also available for purchase in different formats. You can explore your purchase options at both...

Rabbit Ridge Art

I also welcome you questions and comments about different pieces you see here, and about my art in general. You can always contact me at...

Phyllis Berka/Rabbit Ridge Art Gallery
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