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Movie Review: 'Everybody Has A Plan'

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Sometimes it seems as though Viggo Mortensen has no plan. He just wanders through projects big and small, listening to a muse only he can hear. At other times, he appears to know exactly what he's doing: creating an image of a modern-day Renaissance man who makes pop culture's other contender, James Franco, look like an amateur.

This moody, Argentinian import falls into both categories. Hardly anyone will see it, but those who do ought to be impressed. For one thing, Mortensen convincingly play twins, one an upstanding doctor in Buenos Aires, the other a violent loner living on an isolated delta. And Mortensen does all this in fluent Spanish.

I can't vouch for his accent, but he does singlehandedly shape Ana Piterbarg's languid, rather formless story into a moderately engaging dramatic thriller. It's not easy to play twins (in another language, no less), without relying on showy mannerisms to define them. But Mortensen pulls it off. Your move, Franco.
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