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"Everybody Has A Plan" ("Todos Tenemos Un Plan") Deleted Scenes - Subtitles

Source: 20th Century Fox/Haddock Films

There are three deleted scenes that contain dialogue on the Todos Tenemos Un Plan DVD released in Spain and Argentina in January 2013 but none of them are provided with English subtitles.

The following should help those of you struggling to understand them.

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Deleted scene
Deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox/Haddock Films.
Hospital Autopsy

Male nurse: Mrs Souto, Mrs Souto. This way, please.
Male nurse: One second, please. Doctor!
Male nurse: Sign here and here, please. And that´s it.
Claudia: Doctor, I want to ask you a question. Are you sure that it was an accident?
Doctor: Everything is specified in the report. The cancer was well advanced. It´s hard to accept, but maybe it has been for the best. It´s quite likely he fainted, and, losing his balance, grabbed the bath curtain. In the end, he fell and that caused an internal haemorrhage. We found liquid in the lungs; remains of blood, the water from the bathtub. Hematomas can be seen in different parts of the body. Everything is in the report.

Deleted scene
Deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox/Haddock Films.

Agustín: Hi, have you got the worms? Hey, didn´t you want to go fishing today?
Boy: Yes, I´m coming!
Agustín: Right! Sit down here. All right, ready. Let´s see if we get lucky.
Agustín: Are you cold?
Boy: No.
Boy: Hey, let´s go to the other side?
Agustín: What are you doing? You are too young to smoke!
Boy: I do what I want! I´m grown up, all right!
Agustín: Not with me!
Boy: You know what? One day Pichona gave my mom a jar of honey.
Agustín: It´s all right.
Boy: Does it bother you?
Agustín: No.
Boy: My dad doesn´t like me to eat it.
Agustín: Why? Why not? Because I´m sick?
Boy: No, because you are a bad influence on me.
Boy: Look, there comes the cleaning woman!
Boy: Look, there comes the cleaning woman´s boss!
Boy: Well, can you bring me a jar of honey?
Agustín: No, today we are only fishing.

Deleted scene
Deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox/Haddock Films.
Looking for Rosa

Agustín: Hi ! Is Rosa here?
Shop assistant: No, she didn´t come to work today. Maybe she´s with Ortiz, he was also looking for her.
Agustín: Ortiz? Well, if you see her, tell her I came. Thanks!
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