In Brief 2012

1 with Viggo Mortensen

Source: RTVE

This is a translation of Viggo's appearance on TVE's 1 programme.

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How are you at finding your way around the internet?

I do understand why there are people who sit in front of a computer and stay there eight hours non-stop (chuckles). It´s dangerous. I think you also have to do some physical exercise. I get into what interests me culturally: history, politics, things. To compare, to have a better idea of what has happened in some country or in some artistic area. You can spend hours. It´s wonderful the things you can find.

What does the word "Assange" suggest to you?

He informs us better. He gives us an idea of how our governments work and who´s really in charge of the governments. And what the motivations are to go to war, to capture people, to put them in jail, etc, etc. That´s very valuable and to me, he's a hero. To me, he´s not a traitor at all.

The value of the web is...

The only way we are going to progress, that we are not going to destroy the planet: communication. Knowledge or the diffusion of other people´s opinions, even if we don´t agree with them, are never going to be harmful for us. Yes, I think we need to protect children from certain things, certain images, but the adults, there´s nothing we haven´t seen before, as ugly as that could be, that could destroy our lives. The more we know, the more we'll be able to take care of our own and ourselves, and the world we live in.

Internet is useful for....

To me, what´s most... it´s very useful for my research before shoots. For example, in Todos.., it was very interesting for me to return this way to my childhood to a certain extent. And when I was searching, I also looked for things I remembered: songs, TV programmes, things from that time, from the sixties. Very old milongas, music you'd never find any other way.

Other documental finds on the Web.

When I worked on A Dangerous Method, playing a real historical character, Sigmund Freud, I quickly found a lot of material about him there. Not only the books he had and that I could get. A lot of images, things that had been said about him in the period in which he lived. Also, for example, in the one that´s opening soon now, On the Road; for that one, I found many recordings on the Internet - the voice of William Burroughs which is the basis for the character I play, and that was key for me.

(Viggo says his goodbye):

Well, thanks for visiting, and we´ll see each other in the movie theatre.
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