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Deepest Argentina in Todos Tenemos Un Plan, with a great Mortensen

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Todos tenemos un plan, Ana Piterbarg's first film, shows that the deepest Argentina can be as sinister as the America portrayed in so many movies. And it does it with a story featuring Viggo Mortensen, who plays twin brothers with intensity.

With nature as the great protagonist of the film, Piterbarg constructs a plot that oscillates between a thriller and a love story, between friendship and hatred, between reason and the irrational.

And in the midst of all this, moves Viggo Mortensen, who plays two roles, two twin brothers, endowing each one with an opposing character but an absolutely identical depth.

Alongside Mortensen, the marvelous collaboration of Soledad Villamil, who scarcely needs three scenes to make her character indispensable to the framework of the story.

As well as some supporting actors who fulfill their roles to perfection ? Daniel Fanego, Javier Godino and Sofia Gala.

With all of them and with a perfectly constructed script, Piterbarg puts in place an excellent film, with a certain unevenness characteristic of first films, but which demonstrates the director's interest in complicated stories.

Mortensen plays Agustín, a doctor with a successful life, married to Claudia (Villamil) and at the point of adopting a baby. And also his twin Pedro, who lives in the region where both of them grew up, the complex region of the Delta, dominated by rivers and base instincts.

The beauty and at the same time, the harshness of the landscapes, the marginality of the characters, and the atypical quality of the story contribute to maintaining the interest of a film that goes beyond what is normal for Argentinian cinema.

And that offers a view as desolate as it is appealing, in which the reasons for behavior are the least important.

With a carefully calculated shot design and some smooth camera movements, the narration flows likes the rivers that run through the characters' lives.

Todos tenemos un plan is opening tomorrow in Spain after arriving a week ago on screens in Argentina and is scheduled to open in all of Latin America at later dates.
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