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Piece of Luck

Source: Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro

"Those who take advantage of tensions about the economic crisis and the fear of the averages to play politics aren't Cuervos; they're vultures." - authentically Viggo.

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Going to the airport last week, near Barcelona, someone stole my wallet with my license, bank and credit cards, CASLA membership card, family photos, a small antique medal, almost everything I need to travel. Fortunately, they didn't steal my passport. I went to the local police before catching my flight, the mossos d'esquadra as they call them in Catalonia, to let them know in case anyone finds anything and turns it in. They were very nice. They took down my information and told me that if anything turned up, they'd call me. I contacted the bank to cancel the cards, and got on the plane. Today, a couple of hours ago, when I was already getting over the incident, the mossos called me to tell me that they'd just found my wallet. They told me that unfortunately the only thing in the wallet was my membership card. This could be seen as an insult - that the thief didn't think that such a thing could have any value - or simply as a bit of luck, a good sign. In reality, I think the thief didn't have enough intelligence to understand that that card was the most important of all the things in the wallet. Next week they're going to give me the wallet and my card, and I'll give them my thanks. I'm going to be very happy.

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It didn´t seem possible that our club´s image could be more confusing than at the end of the recent tournament with the team fighting to remain in the First Division. But I think we are going from bad to worse with the bad atmosphere being generated of late among the Cuervos. Although our players are getting ready with the usual passion for the next championship, and the club - thanks partly to a financial investment by the group organised by Marcelo Tinelli - is trying to get a competitive lineup, if you pay attention to what the media and the web gossips are saying, it can seem as if San Lorenzo is in utter shambles.

I don't understand the excessive rage and lack of support on the part of so many who call themselves Cuervos. Are we going to give the club and the team the chance to work a little, to compete, or are we going to stupidly sink before we begin? Those who want to gut the board at this time are not helping anyone. Those who are picking on Tinelli or with the possible motivations he might have for helping the club, they don't help San Lorenzo either. Is a little calmness, a little enthusiasm too much to ask for, please? Aldrey, Tinelli, all of us supporters...a little patience and less anguish. We just escaped and we have to continue going forward strong and united for whatever is coming.

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There are already enough jerks on TV and in the newspapers who entertain themselves by trying to lower our morale. It's fine to argue and to demand dignified behavior on the part of the club, the coaches and the board - but there's no need for us to go around bitching more than is necessary all the time. Now we need to prepare for the tournament that is about to begin. If Tinelli wants to and can put up money so that good players remain and reinforcements approved by the club can be brought in, that's fine with me. If it turns out to be a good investment for him and his associates, that's fine with me too. He puts up the money, the club says thank you and that's that.

On the other hand, if Tinelli wants to make decisions and control the club, that's not all right. If he wants to be in charge, he should become president. The president and his board run the club. Cuervos that take advantage of the tension brought on by the economic crisis (similar to that of so many other Argentinian clubs, if not almost all of them) and the fear of the averages to play politics are not Cuervos; they are vultures. Enough of the same useless fussing as always and the mentality of blaming instead of supporting. We have to work together for the good of everyone. As the philosopher Bertrand Russell said, "Why repeat old mistakes when there are so many new mistakes to be made?"

Bertrand Russell in 1907
Bertrand Russell in 1907.
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By the way, one last thing, to make things clear: I´ve read somewhere in the Argentinian press things like that next month I´ll be in Buenos Aires for a few weeks to help solve all CASLA´s problems, that I´m going to take Tinelli´s place and take care of everything, that I´m some sort of a saviour and I don´t know how many more silly things.

It's true that I'm going to be there some two or three days to help launch Ana Piterbarg's new Argentinian movie Todos tenemos un plan, but afterwards I have to return to Europe to launch it there. I won't be able to be in the country before the agreed upon dates, either, because I have other commitments. I'm not either Tinelli or the savior of anything. I don't believe anyone is or should be that. San Lorenzo is a feeling and a family. A democratic family. It's neither a monarchy nor a dictatorship. What I am is a Cuervo, and I'm going to support the team of my heart all that I can in my own way. As always, I'll stay close, keep informed, and offer my unconditional loyalty to Ciclón.

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"Love is the only thing that grows when it's shared."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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