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Viggo Mortensen - Agustín and Pedro (Production Notes)

Source: Todos Tenemos Un Plan website (Argentina)

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Agustín is a very serious guy, very responsible. Of the two brothers, he was the one who stayed attached to the family, a bit committed to social expectations, and the one who has slightly stricter moral values; in general he is the most responsible one.

According to Viggo Mortensen: "The character Agustín is not alive. And putting himself in a situation of high risk, of lying, of pretending that he's someone else and trying to act like someone else... he fails a lot, because he's not an actor, and even if he were a good actor, it would be impossible. You aren't someone else; you're you."

And he adds: "What this film has that is interesting and original to me is that somehow the truth is arrived at through lying. The character Agustín lies. Obviously he does it when he acts as his brother Pedro, but to a certain extent, he's also lied as Agustín. In reality, he's never been Agustín. He's been the Agustín that he believed he should be, like many of us do in some way. He is the Agustín that Agustín thought his parents wanted him to be, or the one that his wife, society, and he himself imagined would please others. He arrives at a moment of crisis, where he begins to look around himself and doesn't believe in anything, doesn't believe in his profession, his home, his wife. He doesn't see a future as Agustín and suddenly he's presented with an unexpected opportunity: Being physically almost identical to his twin brother Pedro, when he disappears, he decides to make himself pass as him. Leaving Buenos Aires and arriving in a much less populated place, to live a solitary life, he thinks that it's going to be simple and it isn't. He has to lie in another way all the time, because each person that he meets, looks at him, greets him, and he doesn't know if he is dealing with a good friend, an enemy or a guy he met last week. He has no idea. A dog comes up to him and looks at him, or barks at him... Is it my dog? Is it the neighbor's? He doesn't know. It's much more complicated than what he expected. Establishing himself as Pedro in el Tigre is a psychological puzzle. Being Pedro, he keeps learning all the things he didn't know about Pedro... what other people think of Pedro, what kind of life this brother he hasn't seen in ten, twelve years has lived. Although he's lying to everyone else, little by little he realizes that he is not lying to himself. He's in a place where he wants to be, doing what he wants to do. Suddenly now, utterly lying, playing his brother, he comes to be as much Pedro as Agustín."

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Pedro is the other side of these two brothers. He is very selfish in one respect, while at the same time arousing everyone´s envy a little because he was always very loyal to what he felt, to what he wanted. He is a guy who also has very deep ethical values.

Viggo Mortensen says: "With the challenge of playing two characters, what we were concerned about, and we talked about that every time I met with Ana in Buenos Aires during the years before filming began, was that there had to be a difference both physical, no matter how slight it was, as well as psychological between the two brothers that could help in the narrative. Although they looked very similar, being identical twins, some important differences had to be stressed with subtlety. That was the idea."
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