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'Return to Boedo' Chat on Radio Splendid

Source: Radio Splendid

This is not one of Viggo's Sobrevuelos columns but it does concern San Lorenzo and the campaign to move back to Boedo so this is probably the most appropriate place for it in the articles.

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The following is a translation of a conversation that took place on the Argentine radio station Radio Splendid.

Host: Well, Fabián, all we Cuervos who are sitting here, at the table, at this moment we are being honored by the presence of a distinguished Cuervo, right here in the studio. He works at another station which is part of the group. Here with us is Héctor "el Bambino" Veira. Hello, Bambino, how are you?

Bambino: Everything´s fine. Good day to you all.

Host: Everything fine?

Bambino: Yes.

Host: Excuse me, because, according to what Fabián Casas was just telling us, we have on the line from..

Fabián: I think that Viggo is now...I think he told me yesterday he was heading to Toronto by car.

Host: Well, we are on the phone with Viggo Mortensen. Hello, Viggo! How´s it going?

Viggo: Hello! How are you, Fabián, how are you, Bambino?

Bambino: Hello, Viggo, dear! Much love to you.

Fabián: What are you up to, Viggo?

Viggo: I´m in a hotel where the elevator caught fire and I´m coming down some stairs.

Bambino: But you are all right, physically?

Viggo: I´m very well, but Canada is a crazy country. I didn´t know that. How´s it going? (laughter in the studio)

Fabián: Viggo, here at my left I have "El Bambino" Veira.... Just what we were talking about at noon yesterday, remember? One of the things Viggo and I talked about is, as I told him, how little importance the board in general attaches to San Lorenzo´s youth team. Why aren´t there more players like the Caras Sucias who, for example, would have stood up to Boca in a different way. We don´t have more... The players who come out are fearful; they get the ball taken away from them. What´s going on that we don´t produce players like in Bambino Veira´s time? I don´t know, they are fearful. There´s something that has to do with the way they work.

Viggo: There are some, there are some. But it´s true that there isn´t that... that cheeky thing. That thing that even though you're young, you don´t show fear when playing against a veteran. I don´t know, that´s missing... There are some, right? I don´t know - Maybe that´s missing. There are some who are.

Host: Do you follow San Lorenzo from a distance, Viggo, not just the institution but the sport?

Viggo: Yes, I see everything I can. These days with the technology we've got, you know, on the laptop. I don't miss a single game and I try to follow everything that's happening closely. Of course, today's a very special day with the march. I had hoped, I had hoped to be able to be with you. This is truly a great day for San Lorenzo.

Bambino: Going back to Fabián's question, Viggo. To reassure you, they're doing a very good job with the youth team, and truly, there are one or two divisions that play really brilliant soccer, Viggo. But something's still missing. It's missing most in these delicate moments San Lorenzo is living through, sportwise. But the kids who are coming up from below really are very good players, who still can't get there because they're 16, 17 years old. And the most important thing: they understand the game. In them, you can glimpse a great future. These kids who are playing now are, logically, with that, you see, that explosive charge that they have, that they're fighting to stay in the first division and can't develop all the game that they know how to have. We... you know how we are, propping them up from behind so they don't fall.

Viggo: One thing, an observation from outside, shall we say. Me, I'm an optimist. I don't doubt that the kids are good and that they're doing things well. It's always possible to do better and perfection doesn't exist, just the attempt to do things well at all times. But I was thinking, not to change the subject, Fabián, but just to talk about it, about the return to Boedo. That... I don't know. We were talking yesterday, do you remember, Fabián? Talking about the Carrefour thing... [trans. note: Carrefour is a huge supermarket chain which has built a store on the site of the old Gasómetro.]

Fabián: Yes, yes. It seems to me that what you proposed was very good, Viggo. Tell us a little about it, tell us.

Bambino: What is it, can you tell us?

Viggo: It's not something... There are a lot of times where you see two people, a loving relationship, a... they're enemies. There's no way. They're opposite entities and it's impossible for them to become closer. The problem is more a matter of thinking, that it doesn't occur to anyone that these people could move closer together. And that... how about if we find a way - I'm willing to see if they'd let me come into the office to talk with the manager of Carrefour, whatever. How about if Carrefour were to become a sponsor of the return to Boedo? You know what I'm saying? (laughter in the studio) Turn the thing around. Don't think that Carrefour is disgusting. The truth is that a Carrefour... I've never gone into a Carrefour in my life. I've been, as I said to Fabián yesterday... Once, [when] I was in Spain (there are Carrefours everywhere), and one night, when all the bars, all the stores were closed, I was with my girl and we wanted, well...

Host: A beer?

Bambino: Of course! Of course!

Viggo: A beer, whatever, and she goes and... "Oh, look, a Carrefour that's open." "No, no, no." "What do you mean, no?" "No, I can't go in there." (general laughter) And there I was, soaking wet, and she, she went in and she says, "Look what there was... the bread is hot" (more laughter while he's talking) "No, don´t touch me with that!" "Eat, eat!" And I'm, "No, no." "What do you mean, no? Didn't you just tell me you were hungry?" "No, no. Not any more" (hilarity all around)

Bambino: No, you have to believe him. It's true, it's true! (laughter continues)

Viggo: No. It disgusts me. I walk in front of the Carrefour, there on the side where the old Gasómetro was, and well, I do what everyone does: I spit, I look the other way. Whatever. (laughter) I'm thinking, how about if we were to become friends? Carrefour is an enormous company. It doesn't matter to them. The San Lorenzo Carrefour doesn't earn its keep. And if that thing that disgusts us, that's called the "San Lorenzo Carrefour" (that's craziness, a lie), how about if that were to become a reality? I can talk to them, or we can all go together and tell Carrefour's CEO, in French or whatever. Whatever it takes.

(carries on in an amused way)

...We´ll wear you down for the rest of your life. All the social strata. Sponsor! The colours, it has the correct colours. Sponsor of the return to Boedo. We make something nice and they can sell their things in the stadium. We put "Carrefour" on the shirts and fuck those from Boca who break our balls and put their asses up again and again. Let´s put the "Carrefour" brand on the shirt and let´s go back to Boedo! We just need some cash.

Host: It can even be renamed and called "San Lorenzo." Why not? What do you think? If it was necessary. This is so funny!

(Laughter continues)

Host: Really funny, really funny! San Lorenzo´s Nelson Mandela. The man is amazing!

Bambino: Believe him. Believe him because that´s the way he is.

Viggo: It´s not so crazy!

Bambino: No, no. Brilliant! And I tell you, Viggo, that everything is moving along well already. Today there will be a huge march in the Plaza de Mayo. And from what I know, the guys from La subcomisión del hincha [trans. note: a group of active supporters] have come and they say that everything is going forward, is progressing well.

Fabián: People from Córdoba are coming, from everywhere.

Viggo: They´ve done a tremendous job. I know that they went to the French Embassy, but honestly, the French government....Not even France can tell Carrefour what to do. Least of all in Argentina. It´s okay with me if they go to the French embassy, but you have to go to the guy at Carrefour and ask him to become the sponsor of the return to Boedo.

Host: Address yourself to the thousands of San Lorenzo listeners, who are probably listening to you or if not will ask us for the audio to be played today on the march. What do you say to those thousands of San Lorenzo supporters who with the heat, with the rain, with the humidity in Buenos Aires will demonstrate today and ask for the return to Boedo?

Viggo: What I feel is unconditional love for all of you and for San Lorenzo. I wish I could be with you. I couldn't travel to Argentina today for the great march, but we are going to return to Boedo. We are going to return to Boedo and there's no doubt about it. But we have to keep going forward; we have to always press on. And what a party! What a party you are having today! I'm very, very happy for all Cuervos today and congratulations and keep on going! Hold on, Ciclón!

Bambino: Don't worry, Viggo, you will be present throughout the march. Don't worry. Carry that in your heart....

Viggo: Thank you, Bambino!

Bambino: You will be present throughout the march. It's estimated that between fifty and seventy thousand people will be present at the march today. Don't worry. Sleep peacefully.

Viggo: And they're going to give a shirt to the President? Are you going to be talking with her today? (Laughter)

Bambino: I don't think so, but senators will be speaking, representatives will be speaking, a lot of important people who are fighting to get [us] to the Avenida de la Plata as quickly as possible will be speaking.

Host: And let me tell you that the President likes actors, she likes musicians. Yesterday she received Roger Waters. If you come here, surely she will receive you and you can give her the San Lorenzo shirt.

Viggo: We'll see, we'll see. Cristina and the president of Carrefour. We can have some matés and see what happens.

Host: Yes, why not?

Bambino: And we're going to speak with the president of Carrefour. Don't worry...

Host: Well, Viggo, thank you so much for this telephone call. Thanks, of course, to Fabián Casas, your friend, who made this connection so that we could speak with you and the people of San Lorenzo could hear you.

Host: Viggo Mortensen, Bambino, Fabián Casas, an entirely Cuervo summit. Impressive.

Viggo: A great pleasure to be on the telephone with all of you and [I hope] you have a beautiful day today. That you enjoy the march a lot. And Bambi, I'm sure that you will say some tremendous things, like always. You're going to make them all cry. Thanks so much.

Host: Bye!

Bambino: Bye, Viggo my dear. A big hug!

Viggo: Fabián, I love you.

Fabián: I love you too, bye.

Host: We are staying here. Well, what a treat. First of all, thanks, Fabían, for setting this up.

Bambino: Viggo, what a guy, eh, Fabián?

Fabián: He's an incredible guy. An out of this world person...

Bambino: What humility!

Host: The proposal is wonderful.

Bambino: Wonderful. To arrive at Carrefour and try....

Fabián: Yesterday he was saying to me, "Look, I put on a suit and I'm going to be in France in May filming, and how does that seem to you? Is it a bad idea?" And I told him, "No, Viggo, it's good." They're all ideas that add up. From the heart. That's what's good about him.

Host: There are many listeners around...Surely there are some who don´t realise the magnitude of Viggo Mortensen as an artist. He is a guy of international renown, a guy who has worked in films with the best directors

Bambino: With all the great ones. He´s worn the San Lorenzo shirt at the Oscars.

Host: And still, the guy...Let´s see if we realize that Mr...

Bambino: He is incredible!

Fabián: He is a terribly humble person, you know. For example, he, when we were eating at home - we would make lunch for 20 people. We forget about the guy and the guy is washing everyone´s dishes. In the kitchen. It´s a detail, but that certainly makes the person more interesting.

Host: Well, Bambino you are going to be...

Bambino: Yes, Yes, We're going to be there, fundamentally because we can't fail all those people who are getting things going, and doing it very well. And well, I think that with each step, it's getting closer.

Host: Well, Fabián, I wanted to ask Fabián...Before you said that it's not nostalgia...

Fabián: No, I'm anti-nostalgia; it seems like a sickness to me. I see the opposite in this march.

Host: No, no, of course. I'd like it if, not like nostalgia, but as looking toward the future. Those things that enrich you. To Bambino as a player, to you as a supporter, some memory of the old Gasómetro.

Fabián: Look, the first time that I went to the old Gasómetro, me and my dad. We always watched it on television in black and white. The first time that he took me, we were playing against Juventud Antoniana. I went hand in hand with my Dad. It made me very excited and it had an impact on me very much like the first time that I saw the sea, there at Mar de Plata. We were in the same situation; holding me by the hand, he took me to see the sea. And when I saw it, it had an impact on me because I saw the sea with the colors it had, the gray beach, the color. And with the Gasómetro, the same thing it happened to me. I saw it in black and white on the TV and suddenly I saw the green.
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