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Viggo Mortensen Interview

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When Viggo Mortensen walks into the Soho hotel room where I'm waiting for him, I have this strange feeling of being taken back in time. The Danish-American actor is wearing what we used to wear in the 1970s: jeans and an old donkey jacket with a woven Peruvian bag slung over one shoulder. He shakes my hand, casts his limpid eyes in my direction and I get a scent of something we all reeked of back then - tobacco.

I have spent much time preparing for this moment. Mortensen is a devoted method actor and so, in his honour, I've been experimenting with method interviewing. Just as he immersed himself in cigars, antiquarian books and Viennese copperplate script in order to play Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg's new film A Dangerous Method, I've been wallowing in Mortensen trivia.

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