Purgatorio (Play - 2011)

Stage Director: Josep Maria Mestres

Playwright: Ariel Dorfman

    Hombre ... Viggo Mortensen
    Mujer ... Carme Elías

Venue: Matadero Naves del Español - Sala 2, Madrid, Spain

Dates: 4 November to 18 December 2011

Stage Design: Clara Notari

Lights: Ignasi Camprodon

Wardrobe: Rosa García Andújar


A man and a woman in a room. Is it a mental asylum, a penitentiary, a reformatory? She wants to escape and he says he is there to help her. Little by little we come to realize they are both residing in the hereafter, where souls must do penance to be able to rest or return to another human reincarnation. And also, little by little, we discover that both, the woman who must purge her past and the man who is her alleged therapist, have secrets; that they are hiding their true intentions from each other, from the audience and often from themselves. Until, very gradually, we become aware of this couple´s identity, we become aware of what they perpetrated when they were alive, we become aware of their true mythical and terrible identity, we become aware that we are before a great love story.

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