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Viggo Mortensen tells about the day González Iñárritu stood him up

Source: El Universal (Mexico)

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Venice - Viggo Mortensen told El Universal what it's like getting inside the skin of Sigmund Freud. "It was more fun than you'd think, since Freud was a very intelligent person, a great theorist, but also someone with a great sense of humor. A dark, dry humor, but very intelligent," he assured [us.]

To Mortensen, knowing how to laugh at yourself is fundamental. "The filming was fun thanks to David Cronenberg and Michael Fassbender who never stop making jokes."

Bad Luck

Devoted to the Argentine football club San Lorenzo de Almagro, Mortensen would love to be more involved in Latin projects. "Now I'm working on a project of Ana Piterbarg's called Todo Tenemos un Plan. It's a very small film but the script is fantastic and I loved having the possibility of returning to acting in Spanish after Alatriste," he said.

About shooting in Spanish, the actor also said he would love to work with any of the great Mexican directors of the moment, if he ever is lucky enough.

"The closest I've been to filming with a Mexican was a project of Alfonso Cuarón's. We were in the pre-production phase and I was part of the cast. But at the last minute, he decided to make another movie and that one was never filmed.

"The story of a father and son was the one that remained on the shelf. I also remember many years ago I met with Alejandro González Iñárritu in a bar and he approached me to talk with me about 21 Grams. We chatted about it a long while, but I never heard from him again, " he concluded.
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