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With A Plan To Film In Argentina

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He will be filming in the Delta from June 6th on.

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"Todos tenemos un plan" Press Conference - ….
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"I´ve got here in my hand a Danish passport, very similar to that of Lars Von Trier. I admire the guy a lot; he has immense talent. But I hope he gets his act together, that he thinks through what he says better. I don´t like anything at all about either Hitler or his cruel intolerance." In this way, in words resonating with what happened in Cannes and that he probably thinks will be heard outside Argentina, Viggo Mortensen began, the night before last, the presentation of the first film he´ll shoot in our country as the main character.

Todos Tenemos Un Plan, the first work by Ana Piterbarg, seems like the biggest local film project and the one with widest scope internationally this year. "It will cost about three and a half million dollars, more than the average cost of any Argentinian film, because it requires an important production framework," explained producer Vanessa Ragone, who is already credited, as head of Haddock Films, with the historic success of El Secreto De Sus Ojos. Very close to her, Liliana Mazure, head of INCAA, was agreeing.

Just as in Juan Jose Campanella´s film, Haddock is associated with the Spanish Tornasol Films for this project. And to continue with the coincidences, the peninsular actor Javier Godino (the villain in the Oscar-winning film) also joined the cast. "This movie has a suspense plot and an auteur´s tempo. I hope it will be the perfect blend between Campanella and Lucrecia Martel," specified Ragone with a smile.

The shooting will begin on June 6 and will take place mainly in the natural settings of the Delta del Tigre, the main location of a thriller with the characteristics of film noir, written by the director. Later, there will be additional takes in Spain.

"I´m going to play two brothers, very alike and very different at the same time. In the good stories, which are the ones I Iike, there are words and also music between the words. Here, even the most innocent characters have their own frustrations and endure failure," said Mortensen in that Argentinian accent we´ve now gotten used to, characteristic of someone who, it seems, just left the country yesterday and not of an actor who is famous in Hollywood and Europe. " You can talk about this kind of film only after seeing it, and not before," he pointed out, maybe uncomfortable with the fact, unusual for him (and to international film making, in general) of being forced to promote a film before the shoot. To have some idea of the plot, he recommended reading La Ribera, by Enrique Wernicke, and suggested that the setting of the film has a lot in common with Sudeste, by Haroldo Conti.

It all began with a chance meeting between Mortensen and Piterbarg. "When Viggo said yes to me, all my problems, that were infinite, became easier," said the director. "We´ve been talking about the project for several years with Ana. It´s hard to find a story like this one. It´s a homemade product from Argentina, which still is my home. I grew up here and came back many times to talk about films I made elsewhere. Now it is different because I am coming to shoot here," the actor added.

The main cast is completed with Soledad Villamil ("If there´s something extraordinary about this job is that I´ve been called for a project like this one. Viggo ceased to be a "name" in order to become a great co-worker."), Sofía Gala (still indignant about the picture that showed her smoking marijuana at a rock concert) and Daniel Fanego, who only stayed for the pictures because he had to attend to his theatre commitments.
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