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Tigre v San Lorenzo Pre-Match Interview

Source: Tigre Vision

Tigre Vision interviewed Viggo prior to San Lorenzo's match at Tigre's ground.

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Tigre Vision Reporter [to camera]: A Hollywood star has arrived with San Lorenzo. The colorful note today is Viggo Mortensen.

TV: Here, in Victoria, we have a visit from an international figure. We are talking about Viggo Mortensen. The Lord of the Rings. Well, you are visiting Victoria to see San Lorenzo?

Viggo: Yes. Happy Easter to you and to all the San Lorenzo and Tigre supporters. A very nice day here and I hope that it will be a good match.

TV: Actually, we could say...I think we can see the people´s love. Everybody who was passing would approach and say hello to you. Let´s say it´s strange to see a, shall we say, international figure like you, following your team every time you can.

Viggo: Well, I get along well with people in general, including with other teams' people. I'm not one for fighting. I like the rivalry, but there's no place for violence in soccer.

TV: Violence is just for movies and today, let's say, here, in Victoria ... Well, it being San Lorenzo, what do you hope for from this game today?

Viggo: Well, to play a fair and good game. And of course, being a cuervo I want San Lorenzo to win. But you come from playing a very good match, the last one, and you are playing well. It will be hard for us to be up to your standards, but...but I hope that we can play well. There´s no other way, we have to win. So...

TV: Well, we both need the points. You, because today you are dreaming of fighting for the championship, and us, because we need it to get out of the uncomfortable situation of maybe going out of the Premier League. Well, Viggo, thank you very much for lending yourself to this conversation and all the luck, hoping that today Tigre will also achieve a good result.

Viggo: Well, much luck and may you remain in the Premier League because you belong there. Always.
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