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Lleida TV Interview

Source: Lleida TV

Oscar Fernandez from Lleida TV interviews Viggo Mortensen on the terrace of a Lleida hotel.

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© Lleida TV.
Oscar Fernandez [speaking in Catalán to the camera]: Without any doubt, one of the stars of this Mostra is the presence of Viggo Mortensen, the actor.

OF: Viggo, your coming here, to Lleida, is quite a luxury. What meaning do the Mostra and this prize, have for you?

Viggo: Well, I won´t be able to answer that in Catalán, but I can say something. Let´s see... [speaking in Catalán] Errr...Good afternoon. It´s an honor... How do you say "estar"?

OF: "Estar" [translators' note: In Catalán, you write it the same as in Spanish, but when speaking you don´t pronounce the "r".]

VM: (laughing) be in Lleida and I wish a lot of shit* those those who make the Mostra possible...and bon appétit to the audience who...this week...

[*translators´ note: "Wishing a lot of shit" is an expression that, it seems, was originally born in French speaking countries as a way to wish good luck to those involved in the theatre and, later, in the arts. It would be an equivalent of "Break a leg" in English theatre. According to tradition, the actor or the person to whom the wish is addressed doesn´t have to answer back or be thankful.]

OF: And now in Spanish maybe; that will be easier for you. What does receiving this prize mean to you? [Interviewer asks first in Catalán, then in Spanish.]

VM: Well, it's always nice when someone notices you, right? But especially this Mostra, that pays so much attention to Latin America and especially to first works...Uh...So I believe that a festival like this is very valuable because these films, they've almost not been seen in their countries of origin. And for them to be seen here gives them an opportunity to be watched in Europe and in the rest of the world, right? They are never going to arrive in many theatres, I suppose. But they will be able to be seen. And I believe that a festival like this is very valuable. It's not just any festival, obviously. So it's an honor and also, as an actor brought up in South America, I like being connected to all my fellow actors...

OF: Then, invite people to come to the Mostra.

VM: Let them come. Come! There are very good movies all week. And there's a series that the gentleman was telling me about [looking off camera], that has to do with soccer. There are unique things, unknown. Argentinian films from the 30's. There's a whole series this week. Me, I like soccer a lot. And for someone who likes soccer and film, well, they'll see things here that they won't see in any other place. Not even in Argentina, all together in one week.

OF: [to camera] Well, there you have it, then! Viggo Mortensen, one of the stars of the Mostra, here, in Lleida.
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