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Shooting of Freud movie at Café Sperl

Source: Der Standard

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Image Herbert Neubauer.
© EPA.
Director David Cronenberg is shooting scenes for A Dangerous Method next Friday at Belvedere-Park in Vienna. Huge floodlights can be seen in front of Café Sperl and heavy equipment on the small place where Gumpelsdorferstrasse and Lehargasse join, where extras are waiting in turn-of-the-century costumes. The crew of the Sigmund Freud movie A Dangerous Method (formerly The Talking Cure) stopped at Wien-Mariahilf on Thursday, alluring not only movie cameras and photographers, but also a number of sightseers with their digicams. Their intent was obvious: to catch a glimpse of Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen.

After being doubtful at first, he proved to be cooperative: With hair combed back at the temples and a greying goatee, Mortensen posed for the photographers in a shooting break, before around noon, together with famous director David Cronenberg and obviously in football mood, he sneaked off to do shopping wearing an Argentinian football jersey. Starting from 7 a.m., the film crew was working on Thursday, while on Friday in the park of Belvedere castle, shooting is supposed to start at 3 a.m. at night.

"We've been sitting around in the basement for six hours today," an extra in corset and a kitchen maid's costume told APA, while her colleagues in suits and top hats enjoyed being photographed by pedestrians. They received 30 Euros for the shoot, so of course motivation was a different one: "If they keep all the scenes in the movie, we will be seen on every screen around the world. Then you can view me in the background, washing my hands." She estimated that on Thursday, there had been around 30 extras in front of the camera.

Meanwhile in and around the café, frenzied remodelling took place, a number of trucks and vans were standing by the sidewalks of the two roads. But nobody seemed to be irritated by the resulting stop-and-go traffic. "What are they shooting here?" pedestrians and drivers at the stoplights in front of the café asked. And after getting the desired information, they said "Oh, those are real fine people. I will definitely have to watch the movie." That's what you could call effective marketing.
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