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A Freud With The Stamp Of David Cronenberg

Source: La Nacion

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These days Mortensen has placed himself again in the hands of David Cronenberg, who directed him in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. In this, their third chance to work together, the actor was called in to portray Sigmund Freud in A Dangerous Method.

"It won´t be the Freud we know from the photographs, because it will show a period of his life, during his fifties, with which people are not so familiar. The story is centered on the relationship with Carl Jung, on the breakup between the two therapists and, above all, on the place that Sabina Spielrein occupied in both their lives. In fact, the principal characters are Jung and this woman. Freud is a secondary character," relates the actor who will share the scenes with Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds), who will be Jung and Keira Knightley as the lady in question.

"To prepare myself I read a whole lot of very interesting things. In addition, I went to Europe to see where Freud was born and worked. I'm grateful to Cronenberg for giving me this opportunity because, really, it was another actor that was going to do it, Christoph Waltz, who preferred to make big Hollywood films," comments the somewhat disconcerted Mortensen.

One of the blockbusters that Waltz, who won the Oscar for his role in Inglorious Basterds, chose over Cronenberg's [film] was The Green Hornet. "I don't know why he did it, but his loss is my gain. I have the opportunity to film again with my friend Cronenberg," says the actor, who also doesn't rule out the sequel to Eastern Promises. "I liked the character a lot. At the end we don't know if he's on the side of the law or if he's a criminal. Does he have to escape from the police, from the Russians?" Mortensen asks, hoping that the filmmaker films the answers.
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