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L.A. Artists and Performers to Salute Beyond Baroque’s 50th at Nov. 10 Gala

Source: Send2Press

More honors for Viggo!


All-star line-up of performers include John Doe and Exene Cervenka (founding members, X), John Densmore, (founding member, The Doors), and many more

© Beyond Baroque.
VENICE, Calif., Oct. 4, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A historic lineup of L.A.'s leading artists, performers, poets and authors will salute Beyond Baroque, the city's legendary literary center, at its 50th anniversary "Bohemian Bacchanal" on Saturday, November 10. The gala event, located in the Venice Arts Plaza, features a dinner and will be highlighted by presentations honoring actor/poet Viggo Mortensen, a long-time supporter of the non-profit organization, and award-winning poet Will Alexander. The evening also pays tribute to Beyond Baroque founder, George Drury Smith.

Read the entire article HERE.

© Send2Press.

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Commemorating the Hollywood Blacklist

Source: Chicago Tribune.
Found By: Chrissie

Our thanks to Chrissie for the find. Some interesting Viggo news lurking in a Chicago Tribune article about Andrea Marcovicci.


Singer Andrea Marcovicci reflects on crossroads in her life

That bittersweet evocation of a bleak period in American life, when artists and others were persecuted for suspicion of being Communists in the 1950s, will be recalled during "Un-American: A Reenactment of the HUAC Hearings — A 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Hollywood Blacklist" at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills on Oct. 27. The cast will feature Susan Sarandon, Viggo Mortensen, Mike Farrell and, among others, Marcovicci.

© Chicago Tribune.

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Banyoles Reading Review Translation

Translation by Ollie

Mega thanks to ollie for providing this translation of Viggo's poetry reading review in Banyoles ...

"OK, here´s my translation of the Banyoles short article. With thanks to Chrissie who helped me polish it ... Despite her mistake at the beginning, which all of you will spot, the closing sentence of this article shows that the [author] woman really got what this man and his voice can do to an audience."

Binoculars to listen to poetry

© Festival Aphonica.
By Alba Carmona

His own poems, works from other people and the accompaniment of a piano were the only weapons that the actor needed to thrust the blade and leave the concert hall in Banyoles with a standing ovation.

The North-American, son of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings [sic] and heir to other memorable characters, like the Russian mobster from Eastern Promises, opened on Friday the Aphonica Festival with Ramas para un nido, a performance on a naked stage, sold out days ago, in which the poetry recited is reflected by the melodies of Rafel Plana´s piano.

Dressed in black from head to toe, Mortensen changed the uniform of a legendary character to get in the skin of the rhapsodists. Barefooted - he parked the sneakers on stage as soon as he came in- and with a disorganised bundle of papers in his hands, he opened the reading singing Bob Dylan´s Masters of War.

"Thank you for coming on this rainy night...We almost didn´t make it! We have suffered a little oil explosion when we were in Maçanet, on our way here, and we have messed the car good and proper, doing everything you don´t have to do.That´s why our hands look so black...luckily so are our clothes," he joked before getting into his poetic repertoire, where he reflects on everyday life, violence and the mechanics of writing. He was only interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone of someone sitting in the first rows, who got a half serious, half ironic reproach from the actor.

Alternating Spanish, English and Catalan, he went jumping from his own poetry to that of others, with works from the Argentine poet Fabián Casas or María Mercè Marçal, from whom he borrowed El meu amor sense casa (My Love Without a Home), a poem, he says, that reminds him of the refugees drama despite being written in another context. The same happens to him, he said, with Tonada del viejo amor, a popular Argentine song he used to bring the evening to a close.

Acclaimed by an audience full of followers, especially female followers -so much that some of them came prepared with binoculars to see him as close as possible- he came back on stage with Plana for an encore. Then, he gathered the bundle of papers, the shoes, and left in another round of applause. The feeling lingered that had he gone on stage to read the manual of a washing machine, it wouldn´t have changed the warm reaction of the audience.

© Diari de Girona.

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Binocles per sentir poesia

Found By: Chrissie

Thanks to Chrissie for the find.


Viggo Mortensen i Rafel Plana obren l'Aphònica, el festival de la Veu de Banyoles, amb el recital «Ramas para un nido»

by Alba Carmona

Poesies pròpies, textos aliens i l'acompanyament d'un piano van ser les úniques armes que va necessitar l'actor Viggo Mortensen per clavar l'estocada i sortir ovacionat de l'auditori de l'Ateneu de Banyoles.

El nord-americà, fill d'Aragorn del Senyor dels anells i hereu d'altres personatges memorables com el mafiós rus de Promeses de l'Est, va encetar divendres el festival Aphònica amb Ramas para un nido, un espectacle nu en què la poesia recitada s'emmiralla en les melodies del piano de Rafel Plana i que havia exhaurit les entrades feia dies.

Vestit de negre de cap a peus, Mortensen va canviar l'uniforme de personatge llegendari per posar-se a la pell dels rapsodes. Descalç -va aparcar les vambes a l'escenari només d'entrar-- i amb un feix desordenat de papers a les mans, va obrir el recital entonant la lletra de Masters of War de Bob Dylan.

«Gràcies per venir en aquesta nit tan plujosa... Nosaltres gairebé no arribem! Hem patit una petita explosió d'oli quan érem a Maçanet, de camí, i hem remenat de valent el cotxe, fent tot el que no s'ha de fer, per això portem les mans ben negres... sort que la roba també!», va bromejar abans d'entrar en el seu repertori poètic, en què reflexiona sobre la quotidianitat, la violència i el mecanisme de l'escriptura. Només el va interrompre el so d'un telèfon mòbil d'un dels ocupants de les primeres files, que va rebre la reprovació mig seriosa mig irònica de l'intèrpret.

Alternant el castellà, l'anglès i el català, va anar saltant de la poesia pròpia a l'aliena, amb textos del poeta argentí Fabián Casas o Maria Mercè Marçal, a qui va manllevar El meu amor sense casa, un text que, diu, li evoca el drama dels refugiats tot i estar escrit en un altre context. El mateix li passa, va assegurar, amb la Tonada del viejo amor, una cançó popular argentina que va fer servir per tancar la vetllada.

Reclamat per un públic ple de seguidors i sobretot, seguidores -tant, que algunes anaven preparades amb binocles per veure'l de ben a prop-, va tornar a l'escenari amb Plana per fer l'apunt final. Després, va recollir el manat de fulls, les sabates i va marxar entre més aplaudiments, deixant la sensació que si hi hagués pujat a llegir el manual d'instruccions d'una rentadora, la reacció efusiva dels espectadors no hauria canviat.

© Diari de Girona. Images ©

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Tonight in Banyoles

Source: Instagram & Twitter.
Found By: Chrissie

Our thanks to Chrissie for surfacing these photos from the Festival Aphonica event this evening.

Images © Festival Aphonica / Silvia Susana Flores.

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