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Viggo-Works 2021 Webserver Fundraiser!

29 May 2021 18:28:07
Categories: Viggo-Works

Well . . . I don't think it would be an understatement to say that 2020/21 were a tough slog for all of us. But, we emerge a wee bit weary and, better yet, stronger than we thought we were.

As you may recall, Viggo-Works had a small amount of funds left over from 2019 and that, together with me scrounging the loose change from my sofa, and using my 'rainy day' savings, meant that we were (barely) able to renew our yearly server contract without asking you for funding assistance during a tough, tough time.

I am afraid that this year we do need to ask for your donations because, unfortunately, the well is dry.

So . . . now is that time of year when we renew our website server services and ensure that we are in the best position possible to continue to bring you Viggo-Works without interruption.

Servers are servers, but if you read the news, the real threat to everything on the internet is hackers and cyber terrorism. These continued threats are nebulous but very, very real. Our current webserver is outstanding and they keep us safe from unwanted intrusions.

And so, we again ask for your support for the cost of our webserver to keep Viggo-Works running. Those of you who have contributed over the years have earned our undying gratitude. Thank you all so very much.

Please contribute, as you are able, to keep us going so that we can continue to enjoy Viggo-Works every day and every week.

This year I have surfaced (from my library) one more Viggo signed copy of SKOVBO. Once again, everyone who makes a contribution to our server fund this year will automatically be entered into a special drawing for the signed SKOVBO.

Each contribution will automatically be entered (one entry per person please).

I also have surfaced a couple of unique and fun smaller prizes that we will give out along the way. So, stay tuned!

As always, our BIG thanks to Viggo for his generosity!!

To make a contribution to our webserver fund and
to keep Viggo-Works on the net . . . AND . . . be eligible for the signed book . . . please click onthe PayPal button you see here on the LEFT hand side of our News Page.