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No Need To Do A Fundraiser In 2020

3 May 2020 11:21:07
Categories: Editorials

You know . . . if I see one more ad that says we are in "challenging" times or "unprecedented" times, I think I will I will go bonkers. In my humble opinion, we are in tragic, grim, and scary times. Even if we are the lucky ones who have not been personally touched by the ravages of the actual covid-19 virus, we have all been impacted by loss of jobs and income.

The people who run our server continue to amaze me with the extraordinary quality of their work and their products. They are the major reason (along with Techadmin) that we were able to get back on the air so quickly after last year's hack and demand for ransom.

During this past year, we at Viggo-Works have been pretty frugal with our funds and we have a little in the bank. I know that we can pull together the rest of what is needed to pay for our annual server fees.
Therefore, I am pleased to announce to all of you that this year we will not need to ask you for any money to assist us in that endeavor.

With so many of you who would normally contribute to our server fundraising, scrambling to put food on your tables and pay the bills, we feel there is certainly a more urgent need for your money. To those of you who may be better off and have some funds to contribute, please put those funds to work in your local communities . . . help your hairdressers . . . help your (now unemployed) food servers at your favorite restaurants . . . help your neighbors who are laid off. Do some good with those funds.

Help each other out. Viggo-Works will be on the air for another year. Take a break from all the grim news and come join us in some diverting and interesting conversation. Oh . . . and . . . all the Viggo news.

BTW . . . I believe I still have a Viggo signed book in my library. Will think of a way to give it to someone on our 16th birthday!

Stay safe and well and bawdy!! And . . . thanks for joining us!!


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