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American Yakuza

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I didn't need Lord of the Rings to know Viggo was a prince. - Richard Clabaugh, Cinematographer

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American Yakuza

One of my favourite movies of yours is American Yakuza. What drew you to that part and can you share any stories on making it?

I was quite broke and needed a job. It turned out to be a very good experience. Although a very brief shoot, I ended up becoming very good friends with Ryo Ishibashi, my co-star in that movie. I have since visited him in Japan a few times, and he has also come to the US. My son was inspired to learn Japanese as a result of our getting to know Ryo, a language he writes, reads and speaks.

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31 January 2012

I'm quite proud of this film. Although low-budget and a little uneven, this film and The Prophecy, in which Viggo also appeared, doing a memorable turn as "Lucifer", are the films I most often refer people to for examples of my work. And Viggo was truly outstanding to work with!

Richard Clabaugh, Cinematographer for American Yakuza

I especially enjoyed working with our cast, particularly Viggo and Ryo, both of whom I hope to someday get a chance to work with again if the Fates should allow it. I didn't need Lord of the Rings to know Viggo was a prince.

Richard Clabaugh, Cinematographer for American Yakuza


...the most impressive element of the film is Viggo Mortensen, one of the most capable American character actors, here in a very unusual role of an action lead - tough, but sensitive man with a hidden agenda.

American Yakuza Video Review
By Dragan Antulov

I'd recommend this movie to anyone interested in seeing a younger shirtless Viggo, as well as some nicely choreographed action. The rest of the cast is also excellent.

American Yakuza Review
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