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From The AFI Red Carpet

Source: Ed Magik TV

The following is a transcript of the videoclip made by Ed Magik TV from the red carpet premiere of The Road at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles.

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Can you relate to this character in real life?

I'm glad...I'm glad I'm not in as dire straits as he is but I understand the lesson that he learns. I mean, I learned a lot from filming this story, in a way that, you know, it's always when things are difficult in your family, in your life, that you learn things. Even if you don't like that you're learning them.

What should people expect to see and feel when they go to see this movie?

That they're happy to be alive, that they love their friends and their family and that they wouldn't change this world for any other one.

As a poet what words would you use to describe the film?

Kindness is the highest wisdom.

You talked about humanity and about enrichment of life with this wonderful movie The Road. The same thing goes for humanity and where we're going in the next twenty years with a clearner environment, something for our children. You strike me as an individual who cares about what you do and about a cleaner environment and what we do to save energy. Your thoughts on that topic, about where we're going in the future for our children?

Well kindness isn't just about being kind to people, or the people that you like, or the people that you know. It's about being kind to strangers and it's also about being kind to the world you live in, you know. We're on borrowed time, always, even when things are going well. This home, this planet, we're renting, you know, we don't own it and it's important we take care of it. This know, there's been a lot of movies about the end of the world, apocalyptic kind of stories, but we shot this not with green screens or adding big special effects. It's a little movie and we shot in real places that have been ruined by man. So when people say, 'do you think this is the way it could end up?', the sad thing is that there are many places in the world that look exactly like this movie. We shot in some of them. There are many people that live lives of desperation, as our characters do. We're there, we're there already. So it's past time to pay attention and to be kind not to just our family and our friends and our loved ones but to the world.
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