The Sneak: Good Review

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Image Larry Horricks.
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"NEIN! Not another Nazi film," you cry.

Just as you were getting over Tom Cruise strutting his stuff as a German Wehrmacht officer in Valkyrie, along comes Lord Of The Rings star Viggo Mortensen doing pretty much the same.

Mortensen plays a university professor who reluctantly gets recruited by the Nazi party.

The film follows his slide into the evils of the regime, and asks the uneasy question - what makes good people do bad things?

He ends up betraying his best friend, who is Jewish, and the story finishes bleakly in the yard of a concentration camp.

It is a fine piece of acting from Mortensen, who portrays his character's weakness superbly. But Good sometimes lacks pace and direction.

On balance this is an intelligent and sensitive approach to a very dark era of history.

Rating: 3 out of 5
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