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Actor Viggo Mortensen Picks Materials From Schmidt And Susnik

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The anthropologic works of the German ethnologist Max Schmidt and the Slovene doctor Branislava Susnik bring actor Viggo Mortensen to our country, with the goal of working on a book.

On the website, the Lord of the Rings actor explained why he is in Paraguay.

"Perceval Press has just started work on the production of a book about the important ethnographic work of Drs. Schmidt and Susnik in the Gran Chaco during the 20th Century," wrote the popular artist, who was nominated for Best Actor for his work in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises.

"The book will include a good selection of unique photos of the indigenous peoples of the region, photographed by these very well known Eurpean researchers, with help and authorization from the Fundacion La Piedad, owner and supporter of the Ethnographic Museum 'Doctor Andres Barbero' (," he explained.

He also added that when the book, with its Spanish and English text, is ready, they will announce it.

The Project

Viggo Mortensen, author of the book Skovbo, has been working since Monday choosing photographs in the Andres Barbero Museum of our city.

The American artist, who besides acting is also involved in poetry, photography, music and painting, is in our country with two Argentinean anthropologists: Federico Bossert and Diego Villar.

The idea has been in the works since last year and Mortensen is very happy about it.

The photographs were taken by Schmidt and Susnik in travels through the Paraguayan countryside.

Valuable heritage

The Ethnographic Museum Andres Barbero is owned by "La Piedad" Foundation.

Its founder, Doctor Andres Barbero, was a well-know philanthropist and researcher.

The first Museum director was Max Schmidt, between 1934 and 1946. In 1952, Branislava Susnik took over, and Adelina Pusneri is currently in charge.

In 1956, the current building opened in España 217 street, "starting a new era of permanent exhibitions, a very well organized library and systematic documentation," they explained.

The museum houses an important collection of our country's indigenous cultural objects.
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