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The press conference that was held with the two main actors, Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs, in Hotel Sofitel for the premiere of the movie Good was interesting, to say the least. Mr. Isaacs was on time and tried to keep up the conversation for at least an hour because Aragorn, that is, Viggo Mortensen, missed his plane, together with the movie's producer. That's why they arrived almost three hours after the press conference had officially started.

We all waited patiently, of course, and had tested all the armchairs in Hotel Sofitel's lobby by the time the star of Eastern Promises arrived. From then on the atmosphere became quite familial; the two leading actors teased each other ceaselessly and spoke a lot about shooting in Hungary. Since the whole movie was shot here they could also recall a few memories. They praised the Hungarian co-production partner, Laurin, to pieces, of course; and producer Miriam Segal also mentioned what a goldmine Hungary could be for movie-makers because the favorable taxation laws are attractive to foreigners.

Good is an adaptation of a theatre play. It's set before WWII and during the first years of the war; and it's about the friendship of two men with all the changes time brings. One of the men is a Jew, the other one isn't.

We could think that this is another Holocaust-movie but the play that is the backbone of Good and the authentic, intimate acting makes the movie special. "This is not about the heroes of history but ordinary people; the Jewish lead is not a victim either but a bohemian," said Mr. Jason Isaacs. "His friend, who becomes a member of the Nazi party, is a good man. He doesn't go through any changes, he doesn't do big things; and that's why I was very careful not to 'overplay' the role," Mr. Mortensen added. We've seen personal movies like this before, but for fans of the two leads this is mandatory viewing.
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