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Viggo on Good: "This happens when citizens do not pay attention"

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"In this movie the cast are all British, and they are all very good, so to have a neutral accent, instead of having several strange German accents, we all spoke British English; I had to do that and I was a bit nervous about it. I wanted to be up to the challenge.

This movie is based on a very well known play in England, Good by C.P. Taylor, and I was in London in 1982 and I was there as a finalist for the casting of a movie. I had no clue what I was doing, they just took me there, and I had a free day, so I went to the theatre to see that play and it made me think a lot. I was in London during the Falklands War, during the times of Margaret Thatcher and Reagan; and now when people see it, it will make them think of what is happening in the world now, the Iraq war.

This is not only about Germany or the Germans in the 1930s, it's about what happens when the citizens don't pay attention, because it's about the small and big decisions we make and how they influence the society...the country in which we live. It can happen anywhere; it happened in Argentina during the '70s, and in my opinion, it has happened to a certain extent in the U.S. during these last 8 years.

I think it's worth seeing it; the movie is also very nice from an artistic point of view."
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