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Viggo As A Nazi

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The actor becomes Nazi professsor Halder in the movie Good

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Image Larry Horricks.
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It's a shock to see Viggo Mortensen, wearing a full blown Nazi uniform, with swazticas and all. But that is what you get in the movie Good, where Mortensen impresses again with an outstanding performance in the role of professor Halder, who becomes a symbol for Germany's moral decay during the Nazi period.

"Professor Halder is an intellectual, who starts out as a natural opponent of Nazism. But once he says yes to doing some work for the Nazi propaganda machine, there is no way back," Viggo Mortensen says, and adds, "slowly and almost imperceptibly, he changes, and conforms to the Nazi regime. He lies to himself, and is at the same time proud of the succes he gets after joining the party."

The movie was made in Hungary. "Budapest is the european city most similar to Berlin before it was bombed into ruins during the second world war. It's an extraordinary, beautiful city though it carries a dreadful past. Almost all Hungarian Jews were exterminated in the course of a few months."

"It's also a movie about how small seemingly random choices in life can have terrible consequences, something we should think about today. There are people trying to abolish human rights, and change everything for the worse. They never stop, they go on 24 hours a day, while we pick up our children from school, or watch a football game or go out for dinner. We have to make an effort if we want to be part of a positive change."
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