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Viggo's Life Philosophy

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He's been nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe awards, and now Viggo Mortensen has revealed his life philosophy.

"Every time you think you're good at something or you have something figured out, that's when you'll probably screw up," he said at the premiere of his new film, Good, in Toronto.

"So I think it's good to realise that life is a work in progress, no matter what. And I think in a way, that's what this movie talks about."

The film follows a man, who soon finds his career unexpectedly rising after writing a novel, and also stars Brit actor Jason Isaacs.

"All the decisions you make today, just because you call it a country, that's just an idea, a nation," Viggo continued.

"A nation is made out of the little decisions that individuals make. That's what a democracy is, that's what a government is, that's what a relationship between two people is. You call it a marriage, but it's an idea. A marriage is the process of somehow getting along - give and take, you know - and this movie deals with that on a personal level, so in a way, it's not about Germans or Germany.

"It's not like most movies are about that period, where you go, 'Yeah, look at the Germans. They're kind of easily led, they're weird, they have a propensity to follow dictators or something."
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