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Viggo's Speech at the San Lorenzo Centenary Celebrations

Source: C5N TV

The following is what Viggo said during his speech at the San Lorenzo Centenary celebrations that were scheduled to take place on 1 April but, owing to the weather, were delayed until 2 April 2008.

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© San Lorenzo de Almagro.
Go San Lorenzo! My membership card says "supporter from another country", but I am not a supporter from another country; that does not describe me properly... I am a "local" supporter, [a supporter] from the bottom of my heart, from a heart that is ours, that belongs to all the "cuervos", in the past, in the present and for ever. I started with the Carasucias [dirty faces] when I was a child, but after the glorious times of the Matadores [killers], and because my family returned to the United States, I missed many glorious years of the Ciclón [San Lorenzo]. I came back when Bambino [translator's note: Veira, a famous SL player, the one who calls him Guido] came back to take us to Rosario [a city] and to a new glory. The highest honor in my life is to be a San Lorenzo fan; we have a noble spirit... we know how to win and how to lose with dignity; and the only time we have an ugly face in the stadium is when we play. It will always be like this for me; and stealing some words from the great Homero Manzi [tango writer]... something like this: [singing] "I love you today more than I did yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow; my passion is azulgrana [blue and red], and it demands your fervor". Thank you San Lorenzo! Go Ciclón!
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