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Viggo: Cronenberg Should Have Nod

Source: Metro (UK)

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Although Viggo Mortensen has secured his first Oscar nomination for Eastern Promises, he's sad that the movie's director David Cronenberg isn't sharing in the awards honours.

"A History Of Violence and a number of his movies are so cleverly and artistically constructed that as much as people like them when they come out, it's on second and third viewing that they realise what masterpieces they are," the Lord of The Rings star told the press at the Academy Awards Nominees luncheon.

"Without naming names, you can't say that about many of the movies at the top of the list that have been nominated for Oscars," he added. "You can't say that about most directors. I think David Cronenberg deserves to be in this group more than anybody here probably, talking to you about his Oscar nomination. Unfortunately it didn't happen. I wish David Cronenberg was coming along with me for the ride but if I'm lucky he'll hopefully be able to keep me company on the 24th."

Viggo also said that getting film roles is often down to luck.

"You get lucky. Accidents happen. You've got to know what to do with luck when it comes your way," he said. "And I agree with Sidney Lumet when he said, 'The work consists of making the best possible preparation for accidents to happen'. They will happen. And if you are somewhat aware, you might catch a couple of them. And the kind of directors I like to work with most are always on the look out. They are meticulously prepared. But, on the day, it's 'We'll see what happens'."
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