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Viggo Mortensen Couldn't Resist Travelling McCarthy "Road"

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Viggo Mortensen says that although he already had a full plate of projects this year, he couldn't pass up the chance to play the father in the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning (and Oprah Book Club selection) post-apocalyptic tale The Road, with Charlize Theron.

"I was not planning to do another movie because I have enough to do promoting these other two movies (Appaloosa and Good), and I have two art shows, too. I've got to prepare one show for Iceland in May and one in Denmark in October," says Mortensen, who is an accomplished photographer. "The Road is just too good to pass up. Maybe after that I'll take a break."

Despite feeling the demands of a busy schedule, Mortensen claims he's happy to help promote the Ed Harris-directed Western Appaloosa, especially after how much work Harris put into the project. "I didn't envy the position he was in having to play one of the leads and also direct everyone and himself. It was a pretty tall order," notes Mortensen. "Sometimes it was hard for him, but I think he did an excellent job and got good performances from everyone. It looks and feels like it could at least be a good movie, if not a very, very good movie. It's a really beautiful story and pretty funny in some places."

Meanwhile, Internet rumors have been floating around that Mortensen will be portraying Edgar Allan Poe, but he sets the record straight. "I've heard that from a few people, and it's news to me. Somebody decided to put it up there, and then the rumor spread. It sounds intriguing, but I have no plans to do that." Got that? Nevermore.
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