Eastern Promises (2007)

For Your Consideration

Viggo has received much critical acclaim for his portrayal of Nikolai Luzhin in Eastern Promises. It was hailed by many as the best of his career! His performance received the following nominations:
  • British Independent Film Award - Best Actor **WON**
  • Satellite Award - Best Actor **WON**
  • Toronto Film Critics Association Award - Best Actor **WON**
  • Premis Sant Jordi Film Awards - Best International Actor **WON**
  • Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award - Best Actor in a Canadian Film **WON**
  • Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Award - Best Actor **runner-up**
  • San Diego Film Critics Society Award - Best Actor **runner-up**
  • Chicago Film Critics Award- Best Actor
  • The Critics' Choice Award - Best Actor
  • Golden Globe Award - Best Actor, Drama
  • Screen Actors Guild Award - Best Actor
  • St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Film Award - Best Actor
  • Online Film Critics Society Awards - Best Actor
  • BAFTA Award - Best Leading Actor
  • Academy Award (Oscar) - Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Genie Award (Canada) - Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award - Best Actor (International)
  • Saturn Award - Best Actor

Focus Features campaigned heavily for Eastern Promises, and following are the "For Your Consideration" ads that appeared primarily in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.
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