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I Am Fine Being Single

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Two days in Denmark. That's all it could be this time for the star Viggo Mortensen. The 48 year old Danish-American is a gentleman in demand - actually he is so in demand at the moment that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend. But Viggo is coming back as soon as he gets a chance. He misses his family - and Danish food. The first thing he did upon arrival at Copenhagen airport last Saturday was to go straight to the home of his Aunt Tulle in Snekkerup, Ringsted. Because he wanted 'biksemad'.

Family means everything

"My Danish family has always meant a lot to me. You know that the older you get the greater the risk that someone dies or becomes ill. That is something I think about more now. But I have always been pleased to visit them and be with them. It means so much to me. And we have a good relationship," Viggo says to Kig Ind in the only weekly magazine interview he has given for years. The actor was in Denmark to cast some Hollywood shine on the Gala Premiere of his newest movie Eastern Promises. A tough job, that for Viggo was difficult to see again as his family was with him in the theatre. "It was a bit awkward to watch the movie together with my family. In particular it was unpleasant to watch the scene where I am with a girl, while they were sitting next to me. I think the rape scene was the toughest in the entire movie. It really is violent and disturbing. And when you are sitting together with your cousins and Aunt Tulle, it suddenly becomes another matter. Then I also get shy."

Henry visiting with me

Viggo Mortensen's son, the 19 year old Henry, was not with him in Denmark this time, but the two of them have a very close relationship.

"I was in Denmark in July together with Henry. I had filmed in Hungary and then me son came and was with me for the last week. And then we rented a car in Hungary and drove to Denmark. It was a really good road trip. I made a movie about Germany in the 1930s, Good, so we visited lots of places along the road with relation to the movie. We saw a lot from the dark period - Nuremberg, Munich and the concentration camps Auschwitz and Dachau. It was frightening. But Henry has always, like me, been very interested in history," says Viggo, who enjoys travelling with his son. "Henry has always visited me when I have been shooting, and we have travelled a lot and experienced a lot together. He is also very fond of Denmark and we have been visiting many museums here together. It is nice to share these experiences and learn something new together."

Difficulties getting up

Viggo is turning 50 next year, but he does not want to make a big fuss about it. "I don't think a lot about soon being 50. I have difficulties getting up sometimes. I feel that I am more tired when I work hard on a movie. Now that you are saying I am soon hitting 50, then I think about it. But it is just a number to me. 50 is hopefully only halfway and not nearly done. I would like to keep going as long as possible. Learn new languages and meet new people. As an actor you are forced to see life from other people's perspectives and that is very rewarding." The work pressures and the constant travelling to movie promotions all around the world is also the reason why Viggo Mortensen does not have a girlfriend. "No, I am so busy that it is difficult to have a relationship at the moment. There is nothing that can be done about it. I am not sorry to be single."

Maybe you should wish for a girlfriend for your 50th birthday gift? "Ha! Ha! Well, that might be an idea," laughs Viggo.
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