The Perceval Press Anthology of Verse 2006


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The Third Wonder
'Two things,' said Kant, 'fill me with breathless awe:
The starry heavens and the moral law.'
I know a thing more awful and obscure--
The long, long patience of the plundered poor.
-Edwin Markham


Past is past, and if one
remembers what one meant
to do and never did, is
not to have thought to do
enough? Like that gather-
ing of one of each I
planned, to gather one
of each kind of clover,
daisy, paintbrush that
grew in that field
the cabin stood in and
study them one afternoon
before they wilted. Past
is past; I salute
that various field.
-James Schuyler


Life is death
Death is life
Two for one
One for two
No more silly
Detestable zoos
-Michael Blake


Religion is a way of walking,
not a way of talking.
-W.R. Inge


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