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Viggo Mortensen is always happy to be in Ringsted

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Alatriste Screening - Ringsted, Denmark 7.13.07
Alatriste Screening - Ringsted, Denmark 7.13.07
Image Hans-Jorgen Johansen.
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It was no coincidence, that Viggo Mortensen decided to present the movie Alatriste in Ringsted. Here, together with his family in Vigersted, is where he mainly likes to be.

The actor and artist has family in Ringsted, and knows most of the people there. He often visits his aunt, Tulle Olsen, and he has displayed some of his paintings in Vigersted Parish House, and he has often been asked if he could spread some light on the county/community.

He did it this evening, when he presented for the first time the movie Alatriste for a Danish audience. It happened at the Ringsted Convention Centre, and he was very happy that it happened there. "I'm proud of this movie, and I'm happy to be able to present it here in Ringsted. It is more fun than in Copenhagen," he explained at the press conference, where Karin Thistedt from Ringsted asked him what he liked about being in Ringsted.

"It is nicer to be here with Tulle than to be in Copenhagen with people I don't know. And I know Ringsted well and am always happy to be here - for the nature, the food and the people. It doesn't matter whether the sun is shining or not," he emphasized.
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