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Ringsted Press Conference, 7.13.07
Ringsted Press Conference, 7.13.07.
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This night there is stardust from Hollywood in Ringsted. The actor Viggo Mortensen has come for the premiere of his new movie. Before the showing there was a press conference at Ringsted Congress Centre. Viggo Mortensen is probably best known as Aragorn in the epic about the Lord of the Rings. He lives in USA but has family in Denmark and has been on vacation in Ringsted ever since he was a child.

Can you tell us a little about what you're doing when you're back in Ringsted?

I always have big plans about sleeping. But it never happens. I visit the family, as many of them as possible. It's different from one time to another. If I'm here two to three days I can't see them all, but sometimes I do. First and foremost that's what I do.

About 800 guests are invited to spend Friday night listening to Viggo Mortensen talk about his new movie Alatriste.
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