In Brief 2006

Torrevieja Book Signing


While he was at the book signing in Torrevieja Viggo was briefly interviewed by and this is a transcription of the videoclip.

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Torrevieja Book Signing 10.14.06
Torrevieja Book Signing 10.14.06.
How long are you planning to stay in Spain?

Well, I'm leaving for Rome tomorrow with the Alatriste cast. So, actually I have a very short time left, but I'll come back, as usual.

A few days ago, the Leon symbol; today, the Torrevieja insignia...everywhere you go, they always give you something...

Well, it's nice to have friends everywhere, really. The world should be this small.

Do you have any other project?

Yes, from Rome I'm going to England to work with Canadian director David Cronenberg, with whom I worked last year.

[noise - poor audio]

Thanks for coming!

Viggo, are you planning to move to Spain in the future?

Well, I don't know. I've always travelled a lot, so... But I'll always come back.

Thank you very much.

And to you. Thanks for coming today, and I hope you like the book. That's what we are here for.
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