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Alatriste DVD - Subtitles for the Deleted Scenes

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DVD deleted scene
DVD deleted scene.
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Alatriste (in a sword fight with another man): Leave the butcher's wife alone or next time I will kill to you ... Do you understand me?

Adversary ... (nods and moans in pain)

Alatriste (looking at the adversary's wound): At the end of the street you'll see the Cardinal's barber's shop. He will treat you.

Adversary: Thanks! ... Your name? ...

Alatriste: My name is my own business.

Butcher (to Alatriste): You did not kill him!

Alatriste (to young Iñigo): AND WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?

Young Iñigo: I'm Iñigo..., the son of Lope de Balboa. I have a letter from my sister...

Alatriste (putting away the letter): Are you hungry?

Young Iñigo (shrugs)

Alatriste: Let's go home! ...

DVD deleted scene
DVD deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox Espana.

Bocanegra: Tell me, my child. What impels a man to leave God's side and join the ranks of the Heretics?

Alatriste: I do not know. There are some things that are difficult to explain.

Bocanegra: Things as difficult as stopping wicked people taking advantage of the good faith of Our Lord the King and taking a Spanish princess hostage in an impious land?

Alatriste: I know nothing of princesses, nor of court intrigues. I am a soldier!

Bocanegra: You soldiers are rabble, my child.

Alatriste: Maybe. But I am glad I have not burdened my conscience with those deaths.

Bocanegra: You bore us with your inopportune conscience, 'Captain'. You have received good money not to listen to it.

Alatriste (throwing the money on a table to his side): True!

Bocanegra: There are three doubloons missing ...

Alatriste: Yes, in payment for my troubles and for having taken me as a fool. I do not like to kill princes without knowing who they are.

Bocanegra: Pride needs to be added to the list of your nay sins ... (approaching Alatriste) ... Let us pray for God to forgive you.


Luis de Alquézar (to his niece): We need to talk.

Young Angélica: Go ahead.

Luis de Alquézar: Fra Emilio ...

Young Angélica: Fra Emilio has lost the plot, and so have we. We must be ready because there are difficult times ahead of us.

DVD deleted scene
DVD deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox Espana.

Guadalmedina (approaching Alatriste): This is a letter signed by the King, in case you have problems while recruiting the men.

Alatriste (putting away the letter) I will need money.

Guadalmedina: That, Olmedilla, the accountant, will take care of.

Alatriste: That is all?

Guadalmedina: One small detail. Before you assault the ship you will need to know where it is anchored. The ship owner is called Gerónimo Jarafa and lives alone in Triana [translator's note: a traditional district of Seville], so, no one will care what you do to him to obtain the information, not even the King. (He moves away from Alatriste.)

Alatriste: I do not like torturing.

Guadalmedina (turning towards Alatriste): Neither do I.

DVD deleted scene
DVD deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox Espana.

Alatriste: For the last time, where will the Virgen de Regla anchor?

Jarafa: I don't know ... I don't know what you are talking about.

Alatriste (folding back the sleeve of his shirt): Look.. Gerónimo (holding a candle beneath his forearm) if this is what I can do to myself, just imagine what I could do to you...

DVD deleted scene
DVD deleted scene.
© 20th Century Fox Espana.

Copóns: Diego, if they kill me, this is for you

Alatriste: For Íñigo.

Olmedilla (approaching both of them): I will go too.

Alatriste (smoothing back his hair with his own saliva): It will not be an easy ride.

Olmedilla: I am the King's book keeper and it is my duty to count the cargo.

Alatriste: As you please. I never interfere in matters of duty.


Copóns (expelling a troublesome customer) THE FIGHT IS OUTSIDE!!

(The camera takes a travelling shot around the room to the game table where Iñigo is playing dice and losing)

Iñigo: Holy shit!!

Iñigo (threatening another customer): HEY, WHO ARE YOU PUSHING?

(Copóns pulls them apart)

Iñigo: Sebastián! What are doing you here?

Copóns: Me? ... Working.

Iñigo: I thought you were in France.

Copóns: No. I no longer work for the King.

Iñigo: And the Captain? How is he?

Copóns: YOU ask him!
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